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I am pledging my birthday to save ananya

My daughter Annaya is 4 years old and suffering from  Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia (CDA). Because of this disease her body doesn't produce blood, to fill that gap she need to take a blood transfusion .
For now she need to take the transfusion in every 20 days, as she is growing the  frequency of transfusion is increasing. When she was one years old the transfusion needs to be done once in a month.
  Till now she has taken almost 71 transfusion. There are some side effect of blood transfusion, one of them is increased  Ferritin(Iron). Normal level of Ferritin is 350 but because of so much of transfusion her Ferritin level is 2200.

The only treatment of Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia (CDA) is  Bone Marrow Transplantation(BMT).  

She is taking the treatment under Dr. Gaurav Kharya,(Consultant Hemato-oncology &
Bone Marrow Transplant). Dr. Gaurav kharya gives the estimate total cost of BMT would be around 30 lakh( Estimate latter is attached).

As we are belong to a middle class family we are not able to afford it. But can't see her die with this Paine.

We try to get help from many of the NGO's and Government Organization's like PM relief fund but they refused. 
Then we plan to arrange the money by our self, so we plan to ask for the help on social media and start promoting our story on the social media.
You can visit the Facebook on the following link -

We find some helping hand over the social media and got the start also but we are still so far away from our goal.    

we need your help to arrange the fund for the treatment for save Annaya.

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4th October 2016
Ananya got admitted in BLK hospital for BMT,
In the starting till today (4th October 2016) Plasma exchange has been done 3 times.
Now we are looking forward for the Bone marrow transplant in coming weeks may be around after 13th October 2016.
Please pray for her.

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