Help me save my 5 month old son

My name is Vijay. I work in a background verification company in Bangalore. On 14th September, my son was born by emergency LSCS with a birth weight of 1kg at 32 weeks. Since then we have been in CMH Hospital, Indiranagar. With complications since premature birth, he has Klebsiella Sepsis, Necrotising Enterocolites. They have transfused SDP to bring the platelets upto a nominal mark. Yet, the baby urgently needs Hernia surgery. Failing to do increases the chances of another stomach obstruction. 

I Need Your Support To Save My Son

The baby had to discharged, as I have run out of options to arrange funds for the treatment. My son still needs the antibiotics, NICU care and packed cells. Doctors suggest  1 month of NICU can increase the chances of survival to 90 percent. 

One day in the NICU costs around 15000 INR. The hospital and medical expenses by far is nearly 6 lakhs. I need another 3 lakhs for further treatment and the much needed hernia surgery. Recently, baby has had eye complications.  We did a laser treatment for both the eyes and are testing it every week to track the process. Once stable, Doctors suggest we do the hernia surgery. 

How Can You Help? 

However I am struggling  to clear the pending bills. I wish to clear the bills and immediately arrange for surgery. I have loaned some funds from my friends, but the amount has been barely sufficient. Help and my family  get over these tough times and bring home my son diease free. I will forever be grateful to you.

Please find below the letter from the hospital.
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28th April 2016
Dear Supporters,
I am a Milaap Open Campaigns Fellow in Bangalore. I met up with Vijay last week to discuss about his toddler son’s health. The baby’s growth is steady now. He had all his vaccinations done on time and he weighs a healthy 5kg’s at the moment. One out of his two hernias has reduced to nearly half its original size. This is a good sign as surgery will not be needed for this hernia. However, the doctors have recommended surgery to remove the second hernia. They plan to schedule the procedure soon.
Like all prematurely-born babies, his son too was suffering from the potentially blinding disease,  Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), also known as Terry syndrome. It is thought to be caused by disorganized growth of retinal blood vessels, which may result in scarring and retinal detachment. If left untreated, it could lead to blindness in the future. As a part of the treatment, his  son underwent  the laser treatment.  .
Vijay had a message to share with  all the donors. He was extremely thankful for their support. Their support, both emotionally and financially  helped him through a tough phase in his life. When his campaign started in December, he was already two months behind on his payments to the hospital. In fact, the hospital was planning to discontinue the treatment owing to lack of payment. However, fortunately, Vijay got the help in his time of need. The initial response to his  campaign itself was so overwhelming that he was able to convince the hospital to continue the  needed treatment for his son. Below are some pictures of his baby that he sent me.

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