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Sponsor For Race Across Europe 2933 Mile Ultracycling Solo Unsupported

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A Crowdfunding request for sponsorship to participate in the first Solo Unsupported endurance cycling by an Indian. Race Across Europe 2018.

My self Sandeep 27-year-old hailing from Hyderabad.
I am an Ultra-endurance cyclist since 2016. An Ultra-endurance cyclist is one who cycles more than 200 km at a stretch. I am also a Social worker and Volunteer. I have participated in numerous cycling events. I hold records for cycling 15750.63 km (India Tour) in 165 days and have a mention of this in the ‘High Range Book of World Records’. 'Vajra World Records' 'India Book of Records'.

  • RANDONNEUR from Audax India in the year 2016.
  • SUPER RANDONNEUR from Audax India in the year 2017.
  • “MOST DISTANCE CYCLED” record from High Range Book of World Records in the year 2017.
  • “LONGEST DISTANCE CYCLING BY BICYCLE IN SINGLE COUNTRY” record from Vajra WorldRecords in the year 2017.
  • “LONGEST CYCLING FEAT TOWARDS ECOLOGY” from India Book of Records in the year 2017.
  • “AWARD OF APPRECIATION” from Hyderabad Bicycling Club for making a history by riding 15750Kms in 165 days on Bicycle in India to promote bicycle for a healthy lifestyle and save the world from pollution.
  • Awaiting the approval of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.
Let us work together in getting India a New Laurel
While I can do the cycling part of RAE, there is a lot of support I need, and several of us could work together towards India getting this new Laurel. There are monetary and non-monetary elements.
Monetary: The total cost for participating in the race is around Rs 10 lakhs. This includes Air tickets for the rider, hotel stays, Nutrition food, Bike, various Bike accessories.
Non-monetary - Publicity and good wishes. Do start by sharing this project through Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Help me get enough collective good wishes to do my part - the actual cycling - with full steam.

Contributions made to this campaign will go towards the main campaign.
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