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6-year-old On Artificial Lung Machine Is Fighting To Stay Alive

A week back, 6-year-old Sai Saran, was diagnosed with severe Pneumonia, Dengue and lung infection and is now in a very critical stage in the hospital. This has caused low immunity, low BP (blood pressure) and other problems for this young boy who is now fighting for his life. 

“The last thing Saran said to me was, ‘Appa, I want to go home!’ He was pulling at the tubes and wires. He did not want to stay on the hospital bed. He could not even breathe. They sedated him, and he has not opened his eyes.” 
He is currently on an artificial life support (Lung Machine) for the last week and needs to be on it for the next 4-6 weeks in order to begin recovering and for his lungs to improve.

“On 19th September, he had a fever. For 4 days he had a high temperature. The local doctor said it could be a viral infection and gave him medicines. It did not subside for over a week. Again, we went back, he just changed the medicines and asked us to wait. When the fever refused to go, the doctor changed the medication again. Saran’s temperature came down. Even before we could be relieved, things turned worse.”

All the treatment and life support have amounted to 20 lakh INR but unfortunately, his parents do not have the financial means to fund their son's treatment. His father is willing to do everything to save his son's life and is not ready to give up just yet.

The machines are keeping him alive now

Saran had begun vomiting. His face lost all colour, and he began bleeding from his nose. The anxious parents rushed him to a hospital. He was in the ER for a day. He was diagnosed with dengue. His breathing was laboured and he had developed a lung infection.
 Saran as a happy child before the fever took over

How Can You Help
Saran needs to be on the ECMO for at least 4-6 weeks until his lungs improve. He would need blood transfusions and dialysis as well. Although he is critical, he can recover completely with necessary treatment. Ashok, Saran's father,  is doing his best to source as much he can but needs your help to save his son.

“My wife is here in the hospital all day and goes home to our baby in the night. We are torn and emotionally exhausted. We just pray and hope a miracle and bring Saran back home to us soon.”

Contribute towards Saran’s recovery and help him go home healthy and safe.

Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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25th May 2018
Dear Supporters,
Thank you all for your support.

Saran is undergoing physiotherapy and he's still admitted in the hospital.
He's unable to make movements and walk without support. Doctors have suggested that he'll undergo the same for the next six months.

There has been some improvement in his health and the family is relieved to finally see their son conscious. Thank you so much for the support and love which you have shown towards us, we shall keep you all posted on his health.

Thank you so much,

20th November 2017
Dear all,

We have a very happy news to share with you. Sai Saran is doing really well and is ready to get discharged tomorrow from the hospital. He is off oxygen and is interacting with his parents and waving the clinical team hi in daily rounds. The infection has cleared from his lung and blood and we are stopping his antibiotics tomorrow. He will go home in another two days.

Now he needs physiotherapy and good nutrition to strengthen his muscles so that he can be completely back to his old self. We thank all who supported him through his fight.

Dr. Sajith Kesavan.
10th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Sai Saran has made significant progress in the last week. He is finally off the artificial lung support and is needing very little ventilatory support. He is still needing the ventilator support through a tracheostomy . He is having normal heart kidney and liver function but is taking time to recover to normal consciousness. He opens his eyes and identifies his parents but has lot of agitation episodes and involuntary movements most likely related to the heavy sedatives that he has been on.
He is expected to recover in the coming week and be more awake. He is on strong antibiotics to clear the persistent infection in his lungs and blood but is slowly responding. He still has some distance to go but has been a real fighter having come this far.He is expected to need another 1-2 weeks of ICU care and will need a lot of physiotherapy and tender love and care to nurse him back to normal activity.
Thank you for the support.Regards,
Dr Sajith Kesavan.
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