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I am fundraising to samvedana : Helping humans who just dream of having some days of Normal life
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Need Rs.38,000
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Why am I fundraising?

We office going people daily see some misfortunate people wandering around ,circling around temples or other places begging to get some few ruppes to arrange food for the day.Here in Pune ,like any other cities in India,there are many such people who just dream (at night and even daydream) of having at leaast few moments of normal living like we office going people have.

Though we are stressed with work and deadlines but aleast we have a place to retire for the day and have people who can take care of us.

I live in Viman Nagar ,in Pune , and i met with some beggers whom i didnt like to give few chillars as i used to think that these beggers can arrange some work and get paid for it,I was a person of belief of self dependent and self growth,But after hearing there plight and lives ,it  seems it is some time difficult to get over the vicious circle that they have got into.All the strenght mentally ,emotionally and physically ,their spirit has given up and  its like they are living a life of lving dead.

In the world i feel everyone is here for a purpose ,there purpose of lives are also known to them and their spirit also have guts to make their purpose of life ,live and meaningfull but sometimes they get caught of handling themselves and managing even one day of food,they just dont able to push themselves to WORK FOR their LIFE PURPOSE.

In my area i have met with .JAISS THAKKAR , a hotel management graduate old, but now living a life of hell because of his medical condtion and family banishing.

There is a simple and enthusiatic whitewasher, who is trying hard to live a good life but he have a problem of fractured hand  and wants to take the ROD fixed in his hand out so that he can swing well and do the whitewashing effectively,but  he requires money for that.

There is one simple guy ANIL of whom i am surprised as he works and earns for  poors only like if poors are his family ,those poor are not relate to him but they have a connection of humanity. he earns and what ever funds he collects ,he takes care of the people he see around near the temple begging as he thinks he is working for GOD ,and god has sent him for them.

I personally dont as such believe in god,but i do believe in humanity and we are the one who can understand the pain and desperation they are living in their lives to LIVE SOME MOMENT OF NORMAL LIFE.

I Have thought to start a simple organisation " SAMVEDANA ,total non profiting, to help these  poor but awesome people out .And make them believe that in India human works for Human in all circumstances and for this i require your support and contribution.I would be very gratefull for your help to us.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

My plans are simple ,just to collect money for the poor and make their medical conditions been taken care off so that they can get a push toward living them a good progressive life,Because CHALTI KA NAAM HAI GADDI,AUR JIVAN BOLTE HAI CHALNE KO HAARWAQT.


my only one point to all you is that please dont think it as a boggus or fake campaign ,it is really for a good cause of helpimng them.If in any case you think its a fake thing,you are welcome to test me anytime and anyway.And also only thinking of help doesnt count much as nature of helping ,we need to act to really help them,so atleast donate some.Thank you

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