Never seen before,"direct to point donation"for our security forces. | Milaap
Never seen before,"direct to point donation"for our security forces.
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    Never seen before, a unique way to contribute for our security forces

                     Direct to point donation for maximum transparency.

Myself Jagjit Singh Chander an engineering graduate (42 years old) living in Delhi from past 20 years.Since my childhood I have great respect for Indian forces.“Discipline and ready for the supreme sacrifice “makes Indian forces unique among other organisations in the country. The aim of this fundraising is to create awareness about respecting the security personnel. What is unique about this campaign is  your contribution will be used is a very transparent way. This will surely make you feel proud for your contribution. 

Different security forces of India : 

Army, Navy, Air force, Coast guard, Border Security Force (BSF),Central Industrial Security Force (CISF),Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF),Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP),National Security Guard (NSG),Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), Special Protection Group (SPG),Rapid Action Force (RAF), Commando Battalions for Resolute Action (CoBRA) , National Security Guard (NSG),Para Commandos and other security forces are protecting our country from external and internal threats.

First option for donation: 

   Expectation of a donor from campaign is quite natural. It should be respected and responded.It is known fact that we contribute not only because of our belief in the cause,but also for our social status. Instead of giving my donors customized gifts (pens etc.).I thought of giving them name and fame, by mentioning their names on the banners . This will also encourage others to contribute and will also make the security personnel feel that masses love and  respect them. How this will be done, is explained below ; 

How to apply this option: 

    If someone contributes Rs 11000 to one organisation working for the welfare of security personnel. His contribution goes almost unnoticed by others donors.  Instead of this, we will adopt a unique way of utilizing his contribution. We will negotiate with one eating outlet ( where security personnel often visit with their families ),to provide 50% discount on SAMOSA for security personnel. If normal selling price of SAMOSA is Rs 10
then after discount it will cost only Rs 5 for security personnel and contributor will bear remaining Rs 5. We will try our best make the payment of discounted amount by bank cheque. Contributor can offer discount on 2000 SAMOSA ( Rs 5 on each x 2000 = Rs 10000 ) and Rs 1000 ( remaining out of his total contribution amount of Rs 11000 ) , can be used to print banners to be fixed in front of the eating outlet. Content of these banners will be “50% discount on SAMOSA for security personnel stock limit : 2000 SAMOSA .Contribution made be Shri Madanmohan Ji, Hauz Khas , Delhi.In banner we will also provide link to our face book page and milaap portal for those who want to contribute in this campaign.".Similar discounts can be offered at saloons, tyre puncture shops, bakery etc.

Direct to point donation:

Donors can give their contribution directly to the shops ( bakery, tea vendors etc ) of their choice. This will bring transparency in the process.
In such cases we will arrange for the banners to be fixed at these shops.  

Second option for donation: 

Recently I saw one video on social media that in some countries
civilians stand  up and clap when they see the security personnel coming.
This gave me an idea to greet security personnel by a well designed
visiting card whenever we meet them.
The content of card will be “ We Salute Indian Security Forces".
We can give these cards to civilians also who agree to give it to securities personnel later. We can take snaps of those civilians along with the cards and put in on face book page milaap portal. This will create awareness about the success of this campaign. Cards will also have link to our face book page and Milaap portal for someone who wants to donate. Attached is one snap of the card

How the funds ( Rs 8,000 ) will be utilized:

 1 )   Printing of visiting Cards ( to be given to security personnel and                                                                     campaign contributors )
         1300 Nos @ Rs 1 = 1300 x 1  = Rs 1300

2 )    Printing of  leaflets  ( for publicity of campaign ) 
         2000 Nos @ Rs 0.8 = Rs 1600
3 )    Distribution of materials ( eatables like samosa, paan etc )  and services         ( hair cut,  car parking charges etc ) at discounted price to security                    personnel.  This shall be done at 25 contributor locations @ Rs 250                  discount at each location.  
          25 locations  x Rs 250 = Rs 6250
4 )    Printing of  photo quality colored printouts to be placed at contributor            locations ( printout will have the name of  contributor & details of                   discount offered ) @  Rs 30 per printout
            25 printouts   x Rs 30=  Rs 750.
5)     Misc expenses ( tape to fix the printout, leaflets and others ) = Rs 100

 Quick Calculation: 1300 + 1600 + 6250 + 750 +100 = 10000

For queries and suggestion you can contact me at +919871888862 or mail me at

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