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Ensuring MENSTRUAL HYGIENE in underprivileged women
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The latest National Family and Health Survey found that 58 per cent of young Indian women (15-24 years) use a hygienic method of protection (mostly sanitary pads), a significant increase from the 12 per cent using pads in 2010. The data in itself shows the importance of menstrual hygiene and literacy. The picture on the side is of the people unaware of the basic knowledge of PMS and More than 77 per cent of menstruating girls and women in India use an old cloth, which is often reused, ashes, newspapers, dried leaves and husk sand during periods. Such unawareness creates problems such as:
•    Dysmenorrhea refers to painful cramps during menstruation.
•    Premenstrual syndrome refers to physical and psychological symptoms occurring prior to menstruation.
•    Menorrhagia is heavy bleeding, including prolonged menstrual periods or excessive bleeding during a normal-length period.
•    Metrorrhagia is bleeding at irregular intervals, particularly between expected menstrual periods.
•    Amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation.
•    Oligomenorrhea refers to infrequent menstrual periods. Hypomenorrhea refers to light periods.
I am Sadhna Parasher, a law student working with the NGO “Hamari Pehchan”, I want to make a change in the society for the women by creating awareness regarding one of the most natural processes in the life of a woman “Menstrual Cycle”.
Hamari Pahchan NGO has distributed more than 30,000 Sukhad Kits in 2021 and their aim is to distribute at least 50,000 Sukhad Kits to women. These kits would include 24 packets of Sanitary Pads 6 packets of Soap and disposable paper envelopes.

Sukhad Kit for 1 woman = Rs.1400/-
Sukhad Kt for 5 women = Rs.7,000/-

On World Menstrual Hygiene Day, Hamari Pahchan NGO distributed Sanitary Kits and it came in limelight on Republic Bharat news channel:

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