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Help this 9-month-old boy fight a severe liver disease

My name is Bhaskar and I want to share my story with you. I remember how happy my wife, Lakshmi, was the day our son R Raji Reddy was born. She kept looking at him. I cannot blame her because he was perfect – plump cheeks and very big eyes. But he was a little yellow. We did not worry too much about it as most babies face this issue. We thought it would go away in a few days, but it turned out to be a much bigger problem. It only took 5 months for our Raji to change from a healthy baby to one with a severe liver disease.

Raji’s stomach fills up with water once in every 3 days

When he was 5-months-old, my wife noticed that Raji’s stomach was hard. He did not show any signs of discomfort but his abdomen felt hard. It really worried us. We took him to the hospital, where after a few rounds of tests we were told that our sweet baby’s liver was not functioning properly. No medicines could cure it, he needed a liver transplant. We were shocked. I asked the doctor again and again if they were really talking about our baby, because it was too much for me to take. But my wife Lakshmi reacted differently; there is a blankness about her that continues till this day.

Our lives revolve around frequent hospital visits now

After Raji was diagnosed with the severe liver condition, we had to visit the hospital once in every 15 days. His stomach had to be relieved of the water that accumulated in it. My child did not weigh much but because of water filling up his abdomen, he became very heavy. It hurt to think that while he was losing weight, the water filling his stomach was his weight. However, he rarely cried. Our innocent baby used to be calm through all that he was put through, and only cried when he was really hungry.

Raji’s mother is anxious about the health of her baby

Lakshmi has lost interest in speaking to anybody, even me. She is always attending to the needs of the baby and that is all she cares about now. She has become very nervous and I fear that it may be bad for her health. She had suffered a miscarriage in the first year of our marriage, and Raji’s birth had given her some happiness. But now all she asks me is “How will we save our baby boy?” I don’t know what to tell her as even I am not sure whether Raji will be fine.

He is very tired and his eyes are yellowish. I know that he is facing a lot of discomfort and finds it difficult to even move, but the poor baby is too young to even say, ‘Nanna, it hurts’. However, we have not lost hope.

How you can help

 I am a tractor driver, and regular work is not easy to come by. On some days, I am able to make enough to feed my family, but on others I struggle, depending on who hires me to work. On a good month, I make about Rs 10,000. Raji’s hospital expenses have been hanging like a sword over my neck. I have borrowed from a lot of people and spent almost Rs 4 lakh on his treatment in the last 10 days. I have decided to be his donor but I need a lot more money to save my only son. Please help me.
Estimate letter
Estimate letter
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19th June 2018
Thanks for all support .

Patient got discharged in stable condition.
25th May 2018
Dear Supporters,
Thank you all for your support.

Master Raji Reddy underwent a liver transplant and the mother has donated part of her liver to save her baby. Now he is in stable condition and got discharged from the hospital yesterday. He just started his followup care also as part of post operation care.

Thanks a lot for your support and concern towards Master Raji Reddy.
The family is really grateful to each one of you! We shall keep you all posted.

Thank you,
Dr. Manish C. Varma
14th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you so much for your love and support. This couldn't have been possible without you.

It gives immense pleasure in informing you all that the baby successfully underwent liver transplant on March 22nd and has been discharged. We identified the father as a potential donor. Till now, there are no signs of any complications. The father and the child, both are doing well.

The baby will be on medication for a year. We will be running a blood test weekly once or once in 15 days, depending one the need, to observe the baby closely for any irregularities.

We are very happy and will forever be grateful to you all. Thank you again!
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