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Help 195 slum area children studying roadside in open area school...

Hi, I am Sushil Meena, I work as a Senior Section Engineer in Indian Northern Railways. After job timings, My friends and I, who all working professionals, run a small school for poor children of jhuggi jhopris. We take evening classes for children who don't go to school. These are either school dropouts, or working children who have never studied. 
We are trying to educate them nevertheless by providing free course books, notebooks, drawing and craft books,  stationery items,  and make sure they don't fall sick by providing free medical facilities. We also provide clothes and food for them. We are happy to say that around 195 students at our four road side study centers and around 100 more from nearby area are studying under our guidance. 

Earlier, we use to teach them in an open park nearby their homes where their parents can easily keep an eye on them. Initially, few months were very distracting and brought severe loss of studies to these students due to the weather conditions like rain and thunderstorms etc. They can bear the heat but whenever the park gets filled with water, they have nowhere to study.  (See video below)
You can see in the video that park was full of bushes but these children were very particular and regular about their studies. Their enthusiasm for studies and meeting us compelled us to do more for them. They see hope in us and we don't want to disappoint them. 
Also, the Roadside place, where these children study, it was filled with bushes and garbage and lot many insects were there. Also, People drink and play cards at night and at morning human excrete can easily be found in the area where these children study. And during study hours whenever a strong breeze comes, it takes away their sheets, papers, boards etc. In rain, water fills within the place. 
Therefore, to combat this issue, we brought flyash blocks and laid them temporarily over soil of the park so that even if it rained, the studies didn't have to stop. Children were so exited that they even decided to pitch in.

However, about a fortnight later, we had to vacate that place due to presence of insects and animals due to rain.
For now, I have cleaned the area with the help of my team and these children and made a small open study center roadside, but it will grow again. These children have to daily clean the area before studying.
 We have provided them dress, course related Books, Notebooks and basic stationery items etc. We also provide them food once in a week and milk on a daily basis.
I want to build a small place for them with  basic flooring and a tin roof so their studies become weatherproof. The children's parents are labourers and are ready to work without wages in their free time. We just need funds to buy the construction material and wages for few outsourced supervisors and machinery. These road side places are located at Indirapuram, Vasundhara  in Ghaziabad.
Also, winter has come and they do not have enough clothes to combat the weather. So, I also want to provide them sweaters, mats, blankets and other clothes.
 For now they just need a school like environment. And I want to raise funds for them so that I can modify their study center in which they can build a better study like environment. We need funds for:
1. Building a small place requires Teenshade/Tirpal/ Boundarywall for approx 300 sq yard costing about 80000/-
2. Winter Clothes for 200 children - 70000/-
3. Dari/ Mat for sitting - 10000/-
4. Stationery and other learning resources for these children - 90000/-(approx)
  Here ,number of students is increasing day by day but we have estimated the amount as per their current no. of students.
Support me and my friends in providing them a little better environment to study where they can concentrate better.
 I request you all to contribute whatever you can for this good cause. If you all will help I have more children in line ready to study at our centres. Please help these children.
Er. Sushil Kumar Meena
Help these children of slum area
Help these children of slum area
These children need proper place to sit....
These children need proper place to sit....
Adoption of small school coverage
Adoption of small school coverage
Navbharat Times Ghaziabad 8/7/17
Navbharat Times  Ghaziabad 8/7/17
Artical Published in Navbharat Times 05/01/2018
Artical Published in Navbharat Times 05/01/2018
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20th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you all for your valuable support. Our children are improving a lot each day passing....they are very happy as they now have a proper place to study....apart from studies we arrange extra curricular activities also ...they are actively participate in each and every activity.we are providing them each possible facilities to study and grow well. Children are very happy to get a school like environment.
i am uploading some video that show how talented these childrens

Please keep supporting this campaign so that we can help these children and give them a bright future.
Serve Human Serve God

Sushil Kumar Meena

8th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you all for your valuable support. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Our children are improving a lot each day passing and we are providing them each possible facilities to study and grow well. Children are very happy to get a school like environment (studying in 3bhk flat) with proper school uniform, school bags, school id card ,carrying water bottles etc…they call it a school. Therefore ,we gave a name to our place and started “NIRBHED SHIKSHALAYA”- a free school to all” .

And good news is- that about 120 new children have been enrolled recently. We are glad to share the changes we are able to make with your help.

Routine Work/ Work done:
1. Providing them nutritional food/fruits and snacks each day
2. Distributed school Bags and bottles to all students so that they can store cold water in summer.
3. We have bought a computer and printer to provide digital classes and printouts.
4. Bought cooler (as we teach around 100 children at a time in our rented flat which used to make the space suffocated).
5. Bought some utensils to store and distribute food to them.
6. Bought an Invertor and a Battery.
7. Stationery items and Books etc.
Work to be done witin few days :
1. Deep freezer to store food (as food is getting wasted due to high temperature)
2. Water Cooler (as water bottle (Rs30/20lit and around 7 bottles per day) expense has increased a lot in last month)
3. Want to provide admission to our 18 best students(class 7th 8th and 9th) in school who completed course as per their age now it is the time to send them school so that they get academic qualification too.

Please keep supporting this campaign so that we can help these children and give them a bright future.
Serve Human Serve God

Sushil Kumar Meena

Classes @ "Nirbhed Shikshalaya"

Classes @ SK4 Center

 Distribution of food:-

Computer Classes:

Yoga Classes:-

12th April 2018
Dear supporters,

I would like to thank you all for your support and contributions without which I would have never made it this long.

Our work got coverage by Loksabha TV (LSTV)  time 9:30 pm dated 12/04/18

Thanks for supporting our cause. 

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