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Support YUVA To Light 21 Villages In Karnataka #LightALife

Light, something that we all have an access to and yet we don't. Of the world’s 1.3 billion people who live without access to power - about 300 million people - are from the Rural Areas of India.

These 300 million people inhale the harmful fumes of kerosene lamps which gradually affect their health day after day. They live in dim lit houses, blurring their vision night after night.

And yet they remain quiet.

And we believe that the need of the hour is electricity.

Presenting the project "BLUR 2 - Mission JOIDA" an ambitious mission to light up 21 villages in a short time span of 21 hours. These villages are located 40 Kms from the district Joida, Karnataka.
Who are we?
We are YUVA - YOUTH UNITED for a VISION to ACHIEVE, a registered NGO, hailing from the beautiful city of Mysore. We are budding engineering students who have come up with our own Solar Powered Kit, and we call this the "LIGHT UP KIT". YUVA presents an enticing opportunity for Youth from various corners of the country to come together and work with one goal in their mind, one mission, the LIGHT UP REVOLUTION.
YUVA has lit 219 houses all over Karnataka till date, and now we want to bring light to a bigger community.
We are embracing the power of the Youth, we have the man power but we require the necessary funding to make this dream come alive.

Hence a kind request to all the beautiful hearts out there to help us light up lives of around 786 people from villages near Joida, Karnataka.

Be the light in someone else's life; because they, like you, deserve light.

Donate Light Today.

Come be a part of this groundbreaking revolution...

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4th April 2017
Dear Supporters,
I am Ankita from Milaap and I spoke to Dharamveer Singh from YUVA about his campaign's progress.

The campaign was a huge success and they lighted up 21 villages in 21 hours. The cost of lighting up one house was approximately Rs 4000 and the entire cost of the project came to be approximately 7.5 lakhs.

"Going 40 km into the forest when it's pitch dark was really scary but when we looked back and saw those houses lit, it gave us motivation to just go in further. We had to stay in a school overnight because it was too dark to come back. It was then we realized the plight of the villagers", exclaimed Dharamveer when asked about the difficulty faced during the project.

They are brainstorming on their new project which will start soon on providing electricity to 1000 houses in 1 day in and around Chikamanglur.

A small message from him to all the donors- " We are filled with gratitude as this was possible only because of your support. Thank you so much for helping us out, you are the real Heroes".

18th February 2017
13th January 2017
After a vigorous 18 hour survey we have found 6 more villages near Joida and Yellapur.
YUVA did the mapping of the 21 Villages to be light in 21 Hours during the survey. 
Total Number of Families : 160
( JOIDA - 124 families ; YELLAPUR - 36 families )

Here is a sneak peek from our survey trip ( Dated : 9th JAN 2017 ) into the jungles of Joida and Yellapur.

Survey team was split into two wings and survey happened simultaneously.

THE SURVEY TEAM - ALPHA ( Incharge of YELLAPUR and nearby villages )

THE SURVEY TEAM - BETA ( Incharge of JOIDA and nearby villages )
With YOUR HELP YUVA will light the lives of these people. :)


The reason as to why LIGHT UP REVOLUTION exists, to make the FUTURE OF these JUNIOR HEROES AS BRIGHT AS THE SUN.

* when they pose with all glory ^_^ *

We thank all our donors for the support. It means a lot. Please help us reach out to a larger mass. Kindly SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN and help us light lives.

THE JOURNEY OF BLUR 2 Continues...

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