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Rishikesh Needs A Liver Transplant But His Parents Cant Afford It

Rishikesh is just 2 years old yet he has experienced more pain than many adults. He was diagnosed with liver disease soon after birth and has lived with pain and discomfort since then. His prolonged jaundice has only made his condition much worse.

His skin and eyes turned yellowish and had prolonged jaundice
Uma, Raj and their daughter Raksha were thrilled when Rishikesh finally arrived in their lives. But within two months their happiness was taken away. Rishikesh had a high fever and his skin and eyes turned yellowish. He was taken to hospital and doctors said it was jaundice. They were hopeful that he would get better, but the jaundice simply did not heal. The doctors diagnosed him with Biliary Atresia, a disease in which one or more bile ducts are blocked or absent. His liver was eating itself up.

When he was just three months, he had a surgery that inserted a duct inside his body. Unfortunately, it was not successful, his condition deteriorated and he developed infections. He needed another surgery just to save his life. The doctors now insist that the liver transplant be done at the earliest to save Baby Rishikesh.

Since the diagnosis, parents are running back and forth to hospital for the treatment
In the crucial early days of growth, Rishikesh has been under constant medical observation, routine checkups and had endless injections of antibiotics, vitamins. It is not easy for anyone to watch their child suffer so much. Despite doing everything in their capacity, Rishikesh's parents can't afford the one transplant that promises to save their son’s life.

"I have visited every person that I thought could help. I spend every minute thinking of ways to arrange for the money, but it seems impossible. Will this be a reason to lose my son? It is not his mistake to be born into a poor family. I can not give up on my baby." says Raj.

They are barely left with anything to save their son's life
Raj and Uma have come all the way from Avinashi, Tamil Nadu to Bangalore for treatment leaving their 5-year-old daughter with a relative. They have barely any funds left for treatment. They are struggling to even travel to the hospital and buy medicines but.

"There is a way out. God has given a chance to save my son from this disease. So many times, there is no hope or options. How can we parents forgive ourselves if we miss this chance to save him? He deserves a life," says Uma.

His mother is the donor for the transplant but they can't afford the cost
Liver transplant is the only solution. Fortunately, tests found Uma to be a compatible donor. But transplant has to be done at the earliest, because Rishikesh is running out of time. His condition deteriorates every day and he vomits whatever is fed to him.
How you can help
Raj Kumar is the sole breadwinner of the family and he is a carpenter earning minimum wage. He has sold all that he had and borrowed money at high interest. He needs to pay his debts and has already spent Rs 10 lakhs on treatment. They need Rs 1000000 for the transplant alone. Rishikesh will not survive without a surgery, only your contributions can save his life.

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Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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20th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for all the wonderful love and support that you have shown towards Rishikesh. He is doing better now compared to earlier. He successfully underwent the transplant on 12th January. His mother donated a part of her liver to him and she is also doing better now.

He was in the ICU after the transplant was performed. He has been shifted to the ward and he is slowly recovering.Thank you all once again for all the love and support. Your blessings have helped him recover faster than ever. Will keep you posted.

Dr Vivek Borereddy
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