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Hi, I am Durgesh Kumar. I am a student at IISER, Kolkata. In my previous campaign I have stated that my research on Anti-Biotic Resistance has been accepted by a group at Wyss Institute, Harvard University to carry further research on my topic.
To remind, Anti- Biotic Resistance is the phenomenon when bacterias become resistant to all available drugs, thus creating an epidemic and a medical emergency of post antibiotic era where even a simple infection would be untreatable. In the words of WHO, this medical epidemic is happening now and can take more lifes than even nuclear warfares. This is not to panic, but to carry proper research to tackle this problem, and I am doing the same.

I in my research have combined the science of epigenetic, bacterial evolution and drug making to come up with a novel solution that can potentially solve this problem.

This research of mine has been accepted by Wyss Institute, Harvard University for further research and they are calling me for a the project there at Harvard for a month from Dec 1- Dec 31st, they have agreed me to provide me the accommodation and proper stipend but they will not bear my travel cost. I belong to simple family, all my savings has gone into this research because I know that this research has the potential to save not to exaggerate millions of life. I therefore request all of you to help me fly to Harvard University for this research. I would also like to tell that as I have to fly before 31st December apart from other formalities, therefore the time is very less, so I am making this campaign window of 3 days only. Please note that I won won several national and international awards and appreciation for this and other researches, so please help me to fly to Harvard for this ambitious research on Anti-Biotic Resistance that can potentially save millions of life.


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12th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for all the support and believing in my dream. I had started this campaign primarily because, Wyss Institute, Harvard had called me for a month to work and more suitably discuss my proposal on my research "A novel way to treat Anti-Biotic Epidemic by using nucleus inflation technique to kill bacterias".

They will provide me a basic stipend and accommodation, so this fund was primarily to support my travel cost, and as a one-way flight from New Delhi to New York costs around ₹40,000. The research trip was previously scheduled from December 1- December 31, but on my request as I have the SAT exam on December 2 and TOEFL exam on December 17, they have promised to reschedule the date in last week of January.

I thank all my donor and Milaap, for all the help and support.

Thanks and Regards,

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