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Hi there,
We are  Ruhani Sethi, Reena Thakur, Harshita Chaudhary and Aakriti Kumar, we all are working with a government school in New Delhi. We are teaching 180 6th and 7th graders and 170 8th graders in a Government School at Vikaspuri, New Delhi.
When we started teaching, we were amazed with the kind of education which is given to the students, we generally talk a lot over the issues which are persistent in the society and do nothing about them. we saw some of the teachers taking the challenge of changing everything in the life of their unique kids by bringing every single thing that is needed for the kids.
We want to take every single possible approach towards the visions of children for the reimagined education, and this is not possible without the help of our society.
Hence, We request everyone to join hands in this initiative because as we say " It takes the Village to Raise a Child"  and help in unleashing the potentials each child has.
The fund raised will be used to get-
1. Reading resources : books, dictionaries
2. Printing and stationery : Copies of study material, worksheets, assessments and activity books
3. Field trips:  Entrance fees, transport, other logistics
4. External academic and co-curricular opportunities:  Training and coaching fees, costumes and materials, transport and related logistics
5. Board games which enable to build vocabulary
6. Classroom resources : Speaker, projector

P.S "One Day All Children will Attain an Excellent Education"
We thank you in advance for your support. 
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18th April 2018
Dear Supporters,

When I started the fundraiser, my kids were in 8th grade. It is an elementary grade in India, they are considered to be small, but now they are in 9th grade. though they are now in the secondary classroom for me they will always be very small. I and my kids would like to thank you for all the support that you have provided. we will always be grateful to you all and very soon we are going to have our own projector and speaker and we won't have to ask for it every time or manage without the smart classrooms.
Please go through the story of ours. we are THE INVINCIBLES.

Thank you so much for the love and support.
3rd November 2017
3rd September 2017
Dear Supporters, 

It is often said that “it takes a village to raise a child,” and this came true in the case of one of the girls in my class. Meet Pinky: she is a 12-year-old who lives with her parents, elder sister, and younger brother at home. Coming from a community called Kali Basti, her father owns a Gol Gappa stall, earning around 10,000 rupees per month. 

When we started our journey, Pinky was the girl who would sit quietly at the back of the class with her notebook closed, staring at the trees from the window. Her record showed she was an irregular child and that her performance had gone down recently. It almost seemed she was helpless as even after breaking down instructions into the most fundamental pieces, she responded listlessly. 

It wasn’t until one day when I asked her why she was sitting alone, that we could break through her shell. With tears in her eyes, Pinky explained her situation and we finally grasped her difficulty. Family disharmony, the negligence of her peers, and various other issues had taken a toll on her physical and mental well-being and hence her growth was halted in the classroom. 

All she needed was some affection and a focused approach, and we were determined to do whatever was necessary to ensure healthy development. We checked on her in each class and gave her extra time to help her in understanding and retaining the lessons taught in class. 

This push has given her the encouragement and confidence to participate freely in the classroom like the other children, and slowly she has grown to be a lively and active child. Today, she is not the same Pinky anymore. This Pinky wants to make friends, learn, grow, and fly towards her ambitions.

As we look back on our conversation that day, we realize just how fragile and sensitive children can be, and sometimes all it takes is a conversation, love, and some time to nurture even the most helpless kids to soar.

Thank you for the support. Would request you to please share this campaign further with your friend's and family. 
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I wish you alle the best with the project. Thank God there are people like you in this crazy World.