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Help us feed to a Hungry Child

I am a Bank Manager and associated with social work. I like to spend time with these poor children whom we (I and my friends) teach daily. These children are very talented and intelligent in studies. However, due to their weak family conditions they are not going to school and they work along with their parents and apart from earning they also do home making. This full time tight work schedule repel them from studying.
For this problem we have initiated a a campaign where we have for now, selected 100 bright students whom we provide day meal so that they do not skip classes(as their parents go to work and they have to work at home and take care of their siblings etc). Their parents also feel less burdened about their child.

As we have money constraints(because we also pay for their studies, books, stationery etc), we collect  2000/- from one of the members of our group. We provide them different combination day to day basis which includes either a sabzi- roti/chapati/parantha/poori or Dal-Rice.
After trying this meal system our students are increasing every day. They come to study in the greed for good food. This also motivates them to study because every week ends we organize quizzes, tests etc and if class performs well then on Saturday they get a good treat followed by the gifts.
and Sunday is their sports day/extra curricular days.

Therefore, we request you all to contribute for atleast their one day meal(i.e Rs 2000/-) or if any body wishes to provide raw food/readymade or if anybody wishes to prepare food at their home and donate, can do that. We will be grateful to you. If you are residing in Ghaziabad and have excess food then please contact 9599044255.

Any kind of contribution- be it Financial or Raw food or Readymade food will be highly appreciated.

We have calculated basic food items dal/sabzi/kadi/peas and roti/poori/parantha/rice that costs us :
 20/- per plate per day for 100 students= 2000/- a day
2000/- for a year = 720000/-(sweets and other food items occasionally)
 If you all will support we will provide more nutritional food items.

our newly rented centre where we wish to provide them food in summer
our newly rented centre where we wish to provide them food in summer
Help them to get healthy food and education
Help them to get healthy food and education
Help me
Help me
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22nd May 2018
Dear Donors,

I want to thank you all for your generous contributions in my campaign. I am really grateful to you all and Milaap for supporting me. My children are very happy to know that you all are helping them from all over India. They feel being cared and working hard in learning from books as well as behaivoural learning and extra curricular activities.
It gave me an indescribable satisfaction to see them growing healthier.

These children are now part of a system. Small children eat first and food is served by big children and then they eat at last.

Keep supporting as the number of students has increased to 230 now. I am trying my best to provide them nutritional diet. Please keep helping and if anybody wished to donate readymade/leftover food (from party/function)etc for 100-200 children in Ghaziabad during day time please feel free to contact us here.

Thanks and Regards
11th April 2018
Dear Well Wishers,

I always start with thanking for all your support and contributions towards my campaign. I would like to mention here that we do not take any cash donations and our only hope is our Salary and MILAAP. And I will keep doing my work with more efforts and potential. With your blessings these kids are really doing well. They are happy to learn good habbits.

They are becoming well behaved and good in studies each day passing.

We are trying to provide them more nutritional items.

In my last update I requested you all to support me in engaging their parents in making food for their Kids. These parents are ready to leave their current job/labour work and are more than happy to make food for their children and get paid as well(Please read my last update dated 7-3-18). Therefore, I request you all to help me to give them a better future and support me to accomplish their dreams.


7th March 2018
Hello to all my supporters,

I am glad to share with you all - the improvement in these children's health and growth. They are becoming healthier. Their faces say it all.

Till now we are providing them food made by halwai, but now I am planning to engage their mothers to make food for their children as they have shown their interest. These mothers either work at factories from where they go early in the morning and come back the late night (6-7 am till 8-9 pm) or works as maids at homes due to which they cannot take care of their children well.

So, our plan is to provide employment to their mothers and mothers will prepare food with more love and affection for their children. This will improve their bonding and they will be helped financially as well. Food will be made for at least 450 children every day.

For the above plan, we need to buy resources, as well as make arrangement for at least 10 mothers salary and that alone will cost me around 3000/day. And apart from salary, each day's food material will cost us around: 7000/day. 

So in order to feed min 450 children, I require 10000/- per day.
This will give these slum area ladies employment as well.
Therefore, I would request you all to support my campaign so that I could feed more and more of these slum children.

Also, I would request you all to visit our facebook page and remain updated about what we do-

Thanks and Regards
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