I am fundraising for the sea

What? AGAIN?

This is the third year that I'm raising funds for a cause I care about. Two years ago it was clean water access. Last year, it was for the sea. This year, again, it's for the sea. That's in part because I don't see geopolitics or changing climate helping reefs and other marine ecosystems recover from the onslaught of pollution and over fishing. 

Last year, Reefwatch Marine Conservation benefited from your generosity (more on that below).  Reefwatch was a non-profit I had worked with, and an organization whose mission and team I trusted. This year, they're a force to be reckoned with - building marine conservation solutions from the ground up using education, technology, and community engagement.

If there are organisations out there that give marine ecosystems a chance at survival, we need to support them. 1 billion people depend on the oceans for their primary source of protein. Some 3 billion depend on the ocean for their livelihoods and protein. That's nearly half the planet (and most of these people live in the global south).

That makes sense. So what happens to my money? What happened to my money last year?

My bad. I owed you an update. To those of you who donated last year - THANK YOU. Truly. Your funds were invaluable. They were used to survey the trash that hangs out on Mumbai's beaches and surrounding seas, and its effects. 

This year, Reefwatch is upping the ante. The funds from this program will be used in at least two ways, in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. 

1) Education: Reefwatch works with children from the villages near its center in South Andaman, and teaches them about their backyard - mangrove, coral reefs, rainforests. It's a weekend school focused on marine and coastal ecology, and SCUBA diving. Your donations would finance these and have a very real impact on people's lives and the environment. 

2) Reef Rehabilitation: Coral, as you know, is alive. But, when it breaks off from the main skeleton, the polyps die off. There's a critical window of opportunity during which that broken piece can be recovered and used to reconstruct reefs. That's what Reefwatch is going to do in the Andaman Islands - using Biorock, Reefwatch will be building back the reefs using local coral fragments. This will strengthen ecosystem resilience from the ground up - bring back fish, biodiversity, and, ultimately, I hope, spread the wealth.

Taking on ecosystem recovery - particularly where there are multiple physical and political forces at play, is not easy. It takes work, time and resources. Most importantly, there needs to be continuity. And that's why I'm doing this for Reefwatch the second time around. If you at all think that this cause is worth your hard-earned dollars, please do consider donating.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


1) Do I get a tax break?
If you're living and working in India, you can get a tax benefit under section 80(G)
Unfortunately, you don't if you're in the U.S. or elsewhere.  However, you can still donate - your money is routed through Milaap's U.S. operation, so there are no additional international transaction costs.

2) Those photos are amazing.
I know. Sumer Verma took them. His instagram is crack addicting. Check it out! @luminousdeep
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5th June 2016
Dear Supporters,

Please find below pics of the Ocean Art Sundays Program that is organised by Reefwatch. This is an educational program for the underprivileged children and fishermen in Andaman. The fishermen, for whom the ocean is the bread and butter, seldom know much about it or feel deeply about it. In fact, superstition in their minds about the ocean also needs to be combatted. Reefwatch also helps these fishermen find alternative earning avenues.

The children can be seen filling waste water bottles with sand and stones, so that they can be used as bricks for their playground which they are creating.

Here is a thank you note to all the donors from Animish Limaye, Mainland Projects Manager, Reefwatch

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