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I am fundraising to rebuild Nepal
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    Shishir Umrao


NEPAL, the home of Everest, lovely Sherpas and lovely people. 

Friends, we all know the situation in Nepal. Nepal needs us. We need to wipe out every tear from those lovely faces, though its hard, but we need to do whatever we can do.

My name is Shishir Umrao from India. I live in Kanpur which is just 600 Km from Nepal. Earthqauke affected me also. But I overcame from that situation.

But there are lots of people who are unable to overcome this nightmare. My government is doing a lot to help Nepal.

The defense personnel, NGOs are working 24x7 by providing shelter, food, first aids and Rehabilitation.

I have my own team who is helping by creating food packets, collecting funds & clothes from door to door. People helped us a lot and I'm very thankful to them. But this great help seems to be very small in front of those big-hearted people's pain.

I have a friend too who lost his parent in Nepal. But he still want to help people out there. He is such a brave man.

How is your money going to be utilized?

We are buying clothes, medicines, shelter goods and preparing foods for them. We then ship these goods to the affected area through the road transport. We are a team of 60 young men and women with 10 doctors.

Friends, professionally I'm a website developer. For Each Donation I can make a website in return. I'll also put a paper with your support message and picture of you or your family or your friends  inside the packets so that those lovely people will come to know that the whole world is with them. 

Let's Rebuild Their Home !
Let's Rebuild Their Food !
Let's Rebuild Their Heart !
Lets Rebuild NEPAL !!! 

Thanks & Regards

Shishir Umrao

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