Help Adarsh Nagar Migrants Rebuild Their Lives

Adarsh Nagar colony in North Delhi is a settlement of 600 Pakistani Hindus living in India on a long term visa. These persecuted minorities are not the subject of any sympathy from the International community for the treatment meted out to them by their home country, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Reduced to second class citizens in Pakistan, they look up to India as the only country that can offer them a chance at respectful existence.

The Colony
The colony houses around 85 families adding up to 600 persons which includes 150 children. Peaceful and tolerant, these down to earth people feel blessed at being free to practice their religion without any fear. They live in small temporary houses with little or no facilities and earn their living by working small jobs to support their livelihood and contribute to the economy.

Rude Awakening
Their small world was shaken in April and May 2018 by repeated thunderstorms which caused widespread damage to their hutments.


Hardly had they managed to recover from this, their electricity supply was disconnected by the authorities in the first week of June. As days passed, the children started getting sick with the unrelenting heat of the scorching Delhi sun. Their pleas for restoration of electricity supply fell on deaf ears until highlighted on social media. As of 27th June 2018, the electricity supply is still not restored.


Deep Dive on Adarsh Nagar

The devoted and selfless caretaker Shri Hariom Sahoo has revealed many issues which show us, the Indic community, of failing to live up to our value of Atithi Devo Bhavah and grossly neglecting the need to provide a social and spiritual anchor to this vulnerable community. 


The colony has many basic needs such as for better shelters, water, sanitation, medicines, education and livelihood but the biggest of them all is the need for electricity which has been cut for more than 2 months now.

The community has purchased a diesel generator with its own money.
This campaign aims to generate a corpus of INR 10 lakh that will be used to buy the daily diesel to run the generator. It will provide electricity from 8 in the night to 6 in the morning everyday.

Ask for an update
16th August 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your love and support. This means a lot to us.

Only because of your support, we've been able to do so much till now. We're currently working on providing fuel for the generator, financial support to the people and taking care of their medical expenses as much as possible. We were successfully able to solve the issue of water clogging due to heavy rains.

Once the prior objectives of providing fuel for generator, handling the medical and financial expenses, we shall begin with our project of providing electricity.

We're all thankful to you all for being so supportive. We shall keep you posted.

30th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Please have a look at this video by Milaap to understand the need to raise funds for the campaign:

You can donate to the campaign here,

Team Milaap
27th July 2018
As of today, 27th of July 2018, the camp has been without electricity for 53 days. Despite various appeals for help, government authorities have not yet provided electricity. Due to the inclement weather conditions, the camp lost one of its senior members Ramabai on 25th July.

We are spending a lot of money on merely sustaining the camp. We have already used 2 lakh in the past 15 days towards preventing rainwater damage to hutments, cash subsidy to the families and for running the electricity generator and medicines.

As we foresee a longer battle before the camp residents get back to any semblance of normalcy, we are raising the campaign goal to INR 20,00,000 as we ready ourselves for a longer battle that may involve seeking legal help.
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