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Ridit was born without a kidney and closed food pipe. Save Baby Ridit

Baby Ridit needs surgery to fix a constriction in his throat so the doctors can perform an essential surgery on him. Despite being only 7-months-old he has already had 3 surgeries and needs two more. Ridit's father is a schoolteacher in a village in West Bengal and needs a little support saving his baby.

Their baby needed immediate surgery to live

When Ridit was born, his parents Sadhan and Honeysuba were thrilled. They had carefully planned for his arrival. But immediately a few hours after birth, the doctor told the new parents that their son was born with a closed food-pipe and anus.

Though tired, the parents anxiously saw their newborn get two corrective surgeries. One opened his food pipe at his throat and the other created an opening in the baby's abdomen so he could pass stool. Once Baby Ridit got better, he would get surgery to be able to pass stool normally.

When the time came, the doctors found that they couldn't insert tube (needed for oxygen) in Ridit's throat. No surgery would be possible without ensuring that Ridit can continue to breathe. Once the constriction in his throat is fixed, the doctors can give Ridit the operation that will close the opening on his stomach and create an opening where the anus needs to be. 

Battling another health complication 

But before that could happen, at just 3 months, Ridit developed a bad fever. It turned out to be a hip-joint infection. Babies are very vulnerable to such infections and need immediate surgical intervention as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.

Baby Ridit got another surgery to remove abscess in the joint and to disinfect the area. His surgery had to wait till his body recovered from the illness. This needed four more months. After four months, he could get constructive surgery to pass stool normally.

Baby Ridit with his father

Ridit's parents just want him to get better

"This is our first child. We didn't even know such things happened to such small babies. When you see him play and crawl, you won't think anything is wrong with him. We want to be sure we don't make mistakes in getting him the treatment he needs," said Sadhan.

Baby Ridik has undergone three surgical procedures in his short life. In just 7 months, his parents have paid Rs 4.5 lakhs for his treatment alone. They have also incurred the expenses of his mother's antenatal care and the following caesarian delivery of the baby.

Sadhan sold what little gold they had, spent all his savings and has borrowed from friends and family to fund all the medical expenses this year. "I am a life-sciences teacher in a government school in Barutpara, West Bengal. I make only Rs 23,000 per month and without my family's help, I couldn't have gotten medical help for the baby," he says.

Crowdfunding is their last hope and the parents humbly request you to help them save Baby Ridit. 
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27th April 2017
Dear Supporters,
Thank you for the overwhelming support so far.

Baby Ridit has been showing good response to the treatment and is ready for the next surgery. The constriction at the throat is helping him with food intake. However, the elimination is still through a small hole created in the lower abdomen for this purpose.As he progresses in his infancy, it is crucial that a surgery is performed to treat the Anorectal Malformation, so that he can have a proper digestive process and lead a normal life.

“I remember that day so clearly. I was overjoyed! My first baby had finally come into this world. I called up every person I knew and shared the good news with them. The joy lasted less than an hour. I was informed that he did not have a kidney and had a closed food pipe. I felt devastated and lost. I never knew a condition like this was possible. I could not even tell my wife this for the next couple of days. She was still in the hospital," Ridit's father recalls.

Baby Ridit is now 9 months old and urgently needs an additional 4 lakh to undergo this correction surgery. The surgery must be conducted at the earliest, as the current set-up will not be supported by his growing body for long. This is the only way Ridit can lead a normal life.
“We cannot afford even lodging expenses for the days that we will be in the city for the treatment. My wife is on childcare leave. I have no such provisions, and have been on leave for almost 4 months now.”

Please share the campaign with your friends and family and on any other group, and help this 9-month-old baby undergo this crucial surgery.
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