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Help STEPS Home For Girls Finish Their Year Strong. #BeASanta!

Isaac and Tara got married in 1990. After several years of trying, they came to discover that they could have not have children. Tara's desire was always to have a joyful presence in the house, with the laughter of children ringing around the hall.

Driven by this desire, Tara begin to look at options for adoption. In 1996, whom they named Sitara. Three years later, a precious baby boy, Tarun, was adopted into the family as well.

As they cared for their adopted children, something began to take place in their hearts. There was a burning desire to do more, to care for other unwanted babies. Both were driven by the horror of witnessing deplorable backgrounds and stories of children's abandonment. 

This burning desire was what led to the establishing a home called STEPS in 2007. STEPS was created to be a safe haven for girls who were rescued from horrible situations and to provide a family environment for them to be nurtured and given the best childhood that they deserve.

STEPS' vision is to find, foster and free abandoned girls and to bring awareness about the abortion, abuse, and abandonment of girls in their society. Since 2007, the home has taken in 14 girls. Our girl each have unique stories on how they came to live at STEPS, from abuse, abandonment and trafficking syndicates.

The Need
One of our year end need is the third term school fees for all 14 of our girls which is to be paid by 5th December 2016, totaling Rs. 63,000/- (Rs. 4,500 per child). Our girls are also in need of new clothes (dresses, socks, and shoes etc.) which totals Rs. 11,900/- (Rs. 850/- per child)

We are also looking for contributors to help us offset transportation cost. STEPS Home own a 24-seater bus which we have been using to drive our girls to and from school, as well as other outings and excursions. The fitness certificate,insurance and the overall service needs to be done annually in compliance with governmental regulations. The vehicle cannot be used without fulfilling these requirements which are due the first week of September every year.

The bus is currently in the work shop and is ready for collection, but we first need to come up with Rs. 85,500/- in order to fulfill all requirements for use.
Civil works on the STEPS Home facility including plastering & repairing of the compound wall, raising the wall by 1 ½ ft and tiles to be laid, and fixing two gates for the entrance will total Rs. 2,25,800/-.

The breakdown of all costs can be found in the table below.

Amount in Rs. /-  
Amount in USD  
School fees
Civil Works on STEPS Home   

Such intentional care for these girls have come at a large personal sacrifice of Isaac and Tara, as well as the board of trustees. The trustees are involved in running the more formal aspects of the voluntary and non-profit home (in compliance with government regulations). STEPS has been previously run on personal funds and monetary contributions raised from family, and friends.

Now, STEPS needs generous people like YOU to champion our cause as we battle on the front lines of gender inequality and mistreatment of young girls. You can make a difference in the lives of our girls!

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28th March 2017
Greetings to you from the Steps home and also on behalf of the steps girls!

This letter comes to you from Tara and I, wanting to say how thankful we are for your faithfulness in standing with us (not only in terms of your wishes, but also your financial support). We could never have done this journey alone. Little did we realise that 10 years ago (that is, when we started), that God would use us to bring hope to many girls that have come and gone through our home as a place of hope, refuge, and strength.

The Steps girls stand as a testimony of what can happen when one girl is rescued. We give them the opportunity to bloom and blossom into responsible citizens of our country, and you are an integral part of this. You help our girls in Steps, give them a good education, a home, and livelihood. 

The past few months have been amazing for the girls. In December, your giving enabled us to give Christmas presents to all the girls. These gifts have meant so much to the girls, and they loved opening Christmas presents together.

The girls have been thriving in school, as our funding requirement for their third term was met. With the donations, we were also able to purchase new clothes for the girls. They all needed new clothing, and for Christmas and New Year, they were excited to receive some.

We are grateful to have received part of the funding for the girls' school bus. While we do not yet have enough for the total cost, we have part of the necessary cost, and we are very thankful.

At the moment, we also have a team of volunteers who have come forward to help with the civil work of painting. They are a group of exchange students, and they have been painting and working on the various needs we have. We are so thankful to have them here helping us. 

Thank you for your part in this. We are so grateful for you standing by us.

"Sharing the awesome work done by my aunt and uncle in raising these 14 girls who were abandoned by their families only because they were born a girl...These girls are loving, kind, naughty, fight with each other as well, cry and laugh just like any of our own kids. Let's help Isaac and Tara in their journey to raise these girls like their own." ( a well-wisher)

with gratitude,
Isaac and Tara

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