Please Help my Father fighting Septocemia

I never thought that a skin infection will lead to a deadly blood infection called Septocemia and my husband life will hang in danger. 

My husband RAM SINGH CHAUHAN who is 65 years old, is a (mitral valve replacement, (2009) heart patient & was suffering from a skin edema in both his legs due to the side effects of a long-term heart medicine which he was taking from past 9 years. Over the period of time the skin edema led to an infection & both his feet got infected, which later converted into sepsis. Wish if I had pushed him earlier to go and get it checked - Anita Chauhan, wife. 

In June, when his legs swelled up severely he showed it a cardiologist in Fortis hospital, Jaipur on 19th June 2018 , the doc gave him a medicine to subside the swelling, but didn't alert him with the severe consequences of sepsis and for a brief time he was recovering well. 

On the fateful night of 27th June he started vomiting & developed high fever, we rushed him to nearby Fortis hospital. The doctors immediately put him into an ICU but slowly the infection in his blood started damaging his health & the sepsis started taking it's deadly shape.  

Due to poor nursing care at Fortis, we changed the hospital immediately on 29th June night and took him to another hospital CK Birla, Jaipur. There the attentive doctors gave him much needed aggressive treatment. They put him on the ventilator support immediately & started all the necessary life saving antibiotics. But by that time the infection did the damage already, the sepsis worsened on 30th June & from that day his kidney functions shut down completely. Currently his both Kidneys & Liver functions are severely damaged and he's unconscious. All the details and reports are attached, you can call at hospital and verify the details as well.

Due to his past heart surgery none of the medical insurance companies gave him insurance. He is critical but showing positive response to the treatment & we're very hopeful for his recovery.

We request you to kindly help us as much as you can, and with every single penny please pray for his recovery. We don't need money, my husband doesn't need money... he needs medication and prayers for his recovery. Hospital has given us an estimate of INR 10 lakhs , we are trying our best to arrange the funds, but your little help means a lot at this time.

We assure every single penny will be used for his treatment. If you wish to directly transfer money into CK Birla Hospital, please find below details for the same. 

CK Birla, Jaipur -
Patient Name - Ram Singh Chauhan
MRNO - R0000034523
Account holder - Rukmani Birla Hospital - A unit of The Calcutta Medical Research Institute

report of fortis
report of fortis
report of fortis
report of fortis
report of fortis
report of fortis
report of fortis
report of fortis
report of fortis
report of fortis
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18th July 2018
Dear Supporters,
With all your prayers & support
Progress report as of 17th July 2018

1. His melena (blood in motion) has stopped and he's holding up the haemoglobin. The nutrition feed has started again 40ml per hour.
2. He's more conscious and responding to commands & questions.
3. His hands and legs are slowly started moving and he's gaining strength gradually.
4. His platelets are increasing everyday.

1. His fluctuating bp though his norad (supportive bp medicine) requirement is less.
2. His kidney & liver conditions are same as previous. He already had 12 dialysis sessions but still no urine output.
3. His counts (wbc) are also fluctuating currently they're 21300. His infection has come down but not finished completely. He has acquired secondary hospital fungal infection in his blood through various lines/ventilator support etc. which is very common in ICU patients.
4. Light fever spikes keeps happening everyday ranging between 99 to 100 which last for 1-2 hrs.
5. Due to liver damage he has acquired jaundice.

Your continuous support is helping me treat my father well, though the doctors say that he need more stay in the ICU and they're unsure of how much time it'll take for him to recover. I'm positive that he will come out of ICU soon.

Please continue to share and support us.

Thank You.

10th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Progress report as of 10th July 2018
With blessings of Lord Shiva & all your prayers my father regained his consciousness on 8th July morning.

1. His current blood counts (WBC) have come down to 19,800 from 32,000.
2. His Platelets count has increased to 2,06,000 from 1,86,000.
3. His INR is maintained to 1.4
4. His ventilator support has come down to 40%.
5. His leg skin is improving everyday.
Concerns -
1. His liver & kidney functions are still not responding and he's on his 8th dialysis. Hopefully his functions should recover soon and he gets stablized
2. He's maintaining good BP (134/55) but fluctuations keeps happening so he's on bp injection norad.
3. Ventilator support has to reduce further so that he can breath himself.

Please continue to share and support us.

Thank You.

7th July 2018

Dear Supporters,

Progress report as of 7th July 2018  

After his 5th Kidney dialysis in last 7 days.
His current blood counts (WBC) has come down to 32000 from 80,200.
His Platelets count has increased to 1,86,000 from 42,000.
His INR has reached 1.5 from 4.4
The latest blood culture report have no findings of streptococcus pyogenes the bacteria which infected his legs initially. His infected leg skin is showing improvements and are responding to the antibiotics.
He's maintaining good (BP 130/55) & (heart rate 94) on medicines.

Concerns -

1. His unconscious state though no signs of internal bleeding in the brain after the CT Scan.
2. Both Kidneys and liver organs are not working.
3. Slight internal bleeding in the large intestine due to a small ulcer.

Please continue to share and support us.

Thank You.
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