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Rajnandini Kumari -kind 8 Year Old- Needs Open Heart Surgery

RajNandini is a kind and sweet 8-year-old who wants to play like her siblings and do everything that she sees other kids do. Unfortunately, she has only been able to dream of it so far. She was born with a hole in her heart and other heart conditions that have made things hard for this little girl to understand.
I am Sangeeta Mitra and I grew up with RajNandini's dad Sanjeev Kumar in India. At a very young age, Sanjeev lost his dad and decided to support his mom as a teenager and started working. He was responsible as a security guard where I stayed and no matter what would happen, he would always smile and be happy. He has a heart of gold, helping others, and his kindness is contagious. He would buy candies for any kid or grown up on the street if they looked upset. His little act of love, would cheer even a stranger. I remember asking him as a teenager, why did he pass candies to others, he would laugh and say, "everybody loves candy, and everyone smiles after getting a free gift.' Being below poverty line, he didn't ever think about himself. He has been like a brother to me and I learned about selflessness from him. Today, seeing him in tears for his daughter, I have promised to help him and share his story with everyone.  He is barely making minimum wage to support his family, his helplessness breaks my heart. This little girl wants to be a doctor someday to help kids like her, but her life is in danger now. Her parents have reached out to me for help and I want to reach out to all of you to help Sanjeev. It is about donating what you can to raise money for surgery, travel and post surgery medical expenses afterward. I know you all have a big heart and your donation, we can save her life. Sanjeev's trust in humanity and kindness is unshakable. Supporting him and RajNandini during this test will be a true gift for them. Every drop of water counts to make it an ocean. No matter how big or small your donation is you can save a life. I truly hope we can collect this money to save RajNandini's life. Please pass it on to other kind people you know who care. I will be happy to share all the medical papers if any of you need to see. I have all the documents with me. The surgery needs to take place in next month or so. So with the holiday of giving, please open your heart to this family. Together we can save a family!
Bless you,
(on behalf of Sanjeev Kumar)
Medical Document
Medical Document
More Medical Supporting documents
More Medical Supporting documents
Valid proof of the patient and father
Valid proof of the patient and father
Estimate from the doctors today for the surgery- Nov 28-2017
Estimate from the doctors today for the surgery- Nov 28-2017
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23rd December 2017
Greetings everyone!

Great news! Rajnandini, is now released from the hospital and is doing well. Thank you for all your support. This wouldn't have been possible without all your support and your prayers. This was a very complicated surgery, and with an amazing doctor and all your wishes, she made it. This is indeed a Christmas Miracle.

Thank you again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Warm regards,
Sangeeta and Rajnandini's recovery team

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Anonymous donated Rs.500
5 months ago

GWS little one. Bless you Sangeeta.

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6 months ago
Dr. Sudeepa donated Rs.4,000
6 months ago
Trisha donated Rs.1,000
6 months ago

May God Bless You

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6 months ago
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6 months ago

Get well soon Rajnandani ... Vijay Pai & Family