Raincoats to help children in their fight against cancer

The rain clouds are upon us and they bring with them a plethora of diseases and infections. 

Children fighting cancer have very low immunity as a result of the multiple chemotherapy sessions, radiations and surgeries they undergo to fight cancer. 

Their weakened bodies may not be able to cope with the additional complications caused by rain-related diseases and infections such as dengue, cholera, cold & flu. It is imperative that these children are properly protected.

Cancer is an expensive disease to fight. Parents with low incomes get their children treated at government hospitals. Despite the relatively lower costs at these hospitals, the repeated chemo sessions and medical bills financially drain the family despite the many government grants and programs.

Parents end up cutting corners in certain items they consider non-critical. They end up buying low quality raincoats that fail to fully protect their weakened child without realizing the severity of the risk. However, one wonders what choice they really have when they are struggling to save each paisa to pay hospital bills.

Simply put, a good raincoat may be the difference between life and death for these children.

We have negotiated a very good rate for high quality raincoats directly from a manufacturer. We have set a target of protecting 600 children from low income families for which we need to raise Rs. 1,90,800 (pro forma Invoice attached below). Also, the raincoat quality approved by the pediatric division of a leading government hospital for cancer treatment.

All we now need to do now, is take this #1SmallStep to help these brave children in their fight against Cancer

You can take your #1SmallStep in one or all of the following ways:

  1. Make a contribution towards purchase of these raincoats
  2. Start your own support campaign on Milaap to amplify the fundraiser
  3. Share this fundraiser page on all your social profiles
We plan to distribute the raincoats as early as possible and hopefully no later that the second week of June. With your help we can do this!

About 1SmallStep Foundation

1SmallStep is a platform that enables people to do the good they anyways want to do. We do this by putting forward high impact social projects that you can participate in. Our core belief is that one does not need to be rich, powerful or influential to change the world. Anyone and everyone can make a positive difference. All that is needed is #1SmallStep - small steps to a happier world.
Proforma Invoice for 600 raincoats fot the children
Proforma Invoice for 600 raincoats fot the children
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25th June 2017
Dear donors,
I am sharing images of the children and the raincoats of those who couldn't make it to Tata Memorial Hospital last week.
The rains are now in and the 600 kids getting treated for cancer are perfectly protected. All thanks to you.  

17th June 2017
Dear donors,

As a result of your generosity, 600 children fighting cancer will have the much needed protection against the rains.

We will be distributing these raincoats on Tuesday  (June 20th) 4-5PM at Tata Memorial Hospital. We would love to have you there. Kindly RSVP to
rohan@1-smallstep.com for the same.

For those who can't make it, we will definitely be sharing pictures in the next and final update for this campaign.

Thank you for taking this #1SmallStep for the children.

7th June 2017
Dear donors, wanted to share the raincoats we have finalized for the children. Good quality that will fully protect - approved by the pediatric division of the government hospitals.

We have them in 5 colours - pink, black, blue purple and red.

We are already half way on our target. With your help, we our confident that we will reach our target of 600 raincoats. We look to distribute them in and around June 15th (hopefully before the rains start).

Will keep you all informed and would love for you guys to join for the actual distribution to the children.

Thank you for your generosity.
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