Fight Hunger - Feed the Hungry

The sufferings around the world are endless. Some managable, and some just not. The list is long. 

Thankfully, endless number of thoughtful organisations are laying great efforts round the globe in serving the needs of helpless people in several important areas. 

Who We are:

We are small group of people and feel inspired to try to put few ounces of efforts in contributing towards serving the mankind in any of the possible ways. 

There were endless options to look up to and start with. However, since we are too small compared to the magnitude of problems which exists around us. Thus we planned to begin with small foot steps.

What do we wish to do:

Hunger is one such face of nature where survival becomes a question if not dealt with. Billions of people around the world sleep hungry every day. There is definitely not much a person or any group alone can do to deal with the suffering of such a huge magnitude. However, doing some bits matters.
'Langar' - Community Food, has been a tradition in Sikhism, an Indian religion, where free vegetarian food is served in a Sikh temple usually, to all the visitors, without any distinction of the faith, religion or background. Thousands of people benefit from this every day, at many locations in the world.
Following the same tradition, we have been organizing a very small scaled weekly Community Food stall at Aundh - Pune (India), since 17th January 2015, with an intention of contributing our bit towards helping the hungry with atleast this one meal of a week. We know, this does not suffice, but this had to start from somewhere.Not all who visits the stall are thorough helpless needy people, but definitely 4 out of 10 visitors are. And this serves our purpose.

What are our intentions:

We intend to expand our initiative, increase the quantity, reach and frequency of the servings of food, and eventually, possibly someday, arranging stall(s) daily at the spot(s) where needy people can come up and eat atleast one meal of a day and doesnt have to sleep hungry, atleast in the sorroundings of the spot(s).
There may be lots and lots of areas we can and should contribute in helping the society, but what a life without food? And stats claims the facts, that billions of people doesnt even get one meal a day. Really Sad.
With all my heart, I urge people who read this, to join hands, and lets contribute in fighting the hunger wherever you can. If you wish to contribute in our initiative, your every penny of contribution will count. And we will make sure that the generated money from this fundraising is utilized to the best of its use towards feeding the hungry.
Below are some of our short and long term goals, in order of priority, owing to which we intend to raise money from this campaign: 
  • Sufficient Funds to continue with the weekly food stall, on which we are quite low at the moment.
  •  Increase the quantity of food and food items distributed per week
  •  Arrange food packaging for take away
  •  Have inhouse availability of the required needful items for weekly stall arrangements, most of which is currently taken on rent every week
  •  Increase the food stall frequency from once a week to alteast twice a week
  •  Relocate or Improve the infrastucture of the weekly meal preparation area/kitchen 
We maintain all the contributions and expenses in google spreadsheets, available publicly, since the start of this initiative, to the best of our knowledge. The web link to the public sheets is available in the facebook group description, the details to which are mentioned below.

The average number of servings per meal on each Saturday goes to around 450-500, and average cost of meal including all the expenses, goes to around Rs.4000 to Rs.7000 (Depending on the food menu we choose)

Some more pictures from the weekly food stall:

Where can you find us:

Please visit our facebook group at the below link where all the events for weekly food stall can be seen, along with pictures of the events since January 2015.
The associated contacts of group admins can be found in facebook. Should you have any questions regarding this topic, you are most welcome to reach out to any of us.

Thank you All.
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8th January 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the support you have shown us so far. The sewa is still going on and we do it every Saturday. Please find the pictures attached from a few of those weekends below.

Thank you,

22nd October 2017
Thank you everyone for your contribution. We were able to meet the target set, because of the support from each one of you. This will help us to continue with weekly langar for coming certain weeks without any hassle, and will benefit the people who visit the every Satuday's mid day Langar stall.

We collected Rs.50126 from this campaign and is a huge addition to the funds we collect from other means. The average weekly expense for the weekly food stall goes in the range of 4k to 7k, depending upon the menu.

Please find time and visit our langar group in facebook, where you can find details of the stall and weekly events, along with some pictures from the stall.

Once again, thank you everyone for your support.

God Bless you all.
Content Disclaimer: The facts and opinions, expressed in this fundraiser page are those of the campaign organiser or users, and not Milaap.
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food for every child

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Good work .

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