Prasanthi's Women's Day fundraiser for Enterprise Development | Milaap
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This Women's Day, I am empowering ex-Devadasi women to become independent. Join me in extending a helping hand to them to start their own businesses.



The fact that an age old practice which has been abused for many years, made illegal for a long time now still continues to haunt these women even after being liberated from it has made me realize that true freedom for these women will come only through financial independence. This Women's Day I want to do what I can for these women who have endured difficult lives and seek your support to help them make a fresh start in life. A small loan can go a long way in helping them get started and will come back to you as repayments so you can do more with the same funds!
MASS provides financial support to former Devadasi women like these featured to start small businesses like tailoring, rearing livestock, and running small shops. These businesses help pay their children’s school fees, save for their old age, and generate jobs for their families.
On this women's day, lets give them all a second chance in life.

Who we are helping

Chandravva Khatedar and Group
Kumavva Kurade and Group
Lakkavva Mang and Group
Sushila Karibhimagol and Group
Sattevva Taikar and Group
$1,043 raised

Goal: $5,000

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Gauri lent US $100

Keep up the great work

Kedar lent Rs.3,100
Paromita lent Rs.10,000
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Hey Ms. Guda, look at you, this is such an awesome effort that you are championing. OK. I'm sold. I am contributing :)

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