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Why Am I Fundraising?

Students who come from low-income backgrounds suffer from:

1) Health issues due to poor nutrition and nutritional habits.
2) Additional health issues related to poor waste management in their schools and communities.
3) A lack of awareness, skills, and attitude to bring about a positive environmental change.

The aforementioned issues have a spillover effect on student learning outcomes (attendance, behaviour, social and emotional development, and academic achievement).

One school leader, at Hari Nagar Ashram MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) School, recently set up an eco-club, but is unsure of how to utilize the club effectively. He approached me to help run the eco-club. Through the eco-club, he hopes to empower his students to adopt good nutrition and waste management practices, and active environmental stewardship.

I am trying to gather sufficient resources to run our Prakriti program at Hari Nagar Ashram MCD School, as a part of their eco-club. The program will run for 3 months.

What Is Prakriti?

Prakriti is an activity-based and solution-oriented education program that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to understand and solve tangible intrinsic issues that are prevalent in low-income communities.

Our program’s focus is nutrition and waste management. We plan to add more modules in the future (sustainable energy, water, sanitation, etc.)

We have been successfully running this program for more than 3000 students, over 3 years, through the Teach For India - Delhi school network.

What Do I Plan To Do With The Funds?

Prakriti plans to provide a curriculum, weekly lessons and activities, and teaching support, for students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindsets.

We also plan to help the students start and maintain a school food garden and a composting pit.

We plan to use the funds to procure necessary gardening equipment, seeds, manure, worms (for composting), provide worksheets and stationery, and cover our travel costs.

The breakdown of the Prakriti program costs is as follows:

School garden materials (gardening equipment, seeds, manure, etc.) - Rs. 10000
Waste management materials (worms, bricks, bins, etc.) - Rs. 5000
Program delivery (transport, deliveries, stationery, etc.) - Rs. 15000
Miscellaneous (cost of using Milaap platform, etc.) - Rs. 7000

Prakriti Program Details:

Students will participate in two modules, over 3 months - Good Nutrition Project (GNP) and Waste Management Project (WMP).

GNP: This project instils in students the value of healthy eating and its impact on their growth.

Students learn about the journey food takes from seed to plate, how to test food for adulterants, conduct food audits, and understand the nutritional value of healthy food and junk food. They also set up and maintain a school food garden.

WMP: This project helps students understand the problems and solutions associated with waste management.

Students learn how to segregate waste effectively, compost biodegradable waste, conduct waste audits, recycle paper, upcycle plastic waste, and formulate a waste management advocacy plan for their school/community. They also set up and maintain a school composting pit.
Prakriti Proposal for Hari Nagar Ashram MCD School
Prakriti Proposal for Hari Nagar Ashram MCD School
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15th March 2018

Dear supporters,

We have formally finished the Prakriti program at the Hari Nagar Ashram MCD School!

We conducted weekly classes where students learning about the importance of healthy eating and organic agriculture.

Students planned the garden space with their teacher. They tilled the land, mixed organic fertilizer in their garden plots, learned about various summer vegetables, chose which plants to grow, understood how to do seed spacing, and finally planted their seeds.

In a few months, we will see how their crops fare.

Thank you all for your support.
22nd November 2017
Dear Supporters,

With the funds raised so far, Prakriti conducted an introductory session for the 4th and 5th grade at SDMC Hari Nagar Ashram School.

They learned about what plants need to grow, made the potting mix, and planted spinach seeds – they made their own spinach seed starter pot, to take home.

Soon, these students will set up a school food garden. Stay tuned to learn more about our school food garden.
If you would like to support our work, empowering these students to understand and solve environmental issues in their school and community – kindly consider supporting and sharing:
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