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This Birthday, join me to bring solar lighting to the communities in West Bengal


Hey guys, this birthday, I want to do something a little different. Help me celebrate my birthday by loaning a little so that we can fund a solar powered environment for villages where kerosene fumes are the cause of various respiratory diseases. I believe this cause can lead to cleaner and healthier living for many impoverished families.
Monowara Bibi lives in Bharu village in West Bengal with her children and husband. She makes a living through handmade zari embroidery on sarees. Power cuts, often 12 hours long, are common during the evenings. Working in the dim light of a kerosene lamp is hazardous with children around, and it can prove disastrous if the lamp falls on the sarees she embroiders. Looking for a better alternative, she bought a solar lantern from DCBS. She has been able to save money spent on kerosene thanks to this renewable source of energy. What's more, she can continue with her work, and her children can study during power cuts.
West Bengal is located in the Eastern part of India. Darkness looms with the early sunsets and frequent power cuts. The most common alternative is kerosene lamps. The government supplied ration is never enough - forcing people to pay up to three times the price for more in the black market. Besides, the smoke from the fuel causes eyesores, and the light is very dim. A far more efficient and proven solution is to invest in a relatively inexpensive solar-powered lantern. For many families, this bright, renewable lantern has been the ray of light and added precious extra hours to the day.

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