Help 1 Year Food and Shelter For 50 Aged & Disabled

Rosary Home For Aged And Disabled.
It is run by Rosary Trust. There are 50 aged and disabled Persons.  Below is one example of those destitute persons.  Visit for all their details.

Background of the persons:
Name & Age: Pauline, aged 70
Address: Middle street, Prankulam, Keelakarai, Thachanallur, Tirunelveli dt, Tamil Nadu.
She is from a poor dalit destitute family.  Her parent died when she was young.  She was the only child.  She was orphaned by her relatives.  Some friends helped her join a convent in Sivakasi.  The Christian religious sisters brought her up.  She did not study well.  Therefore the sisters kept her as maidservant.  When she was 22, they gave her in marriage.  Her husband was an illiterate and coolie worker.  He soon became a big drunkard and was doing cruel things to her.  She did not have children.  She ran away to Chennai with her friends and settled down there doing household works.   Thus she had to move from one place to the other for her living.   Nobody gave her a place to stay and a work to earn her living.  Hers was always a destitute life sometimes living in platforms and sometimes living in huts with others.   She lived as housemaid till she was able.  But she was abused by the society in different ways as she lived alone.  She lived as orphan and destitute. 
Conditions of the Persons:
She looks as though she was never happy.  Her face always shows sadness.  She has kiddiness, pressure, joint pains, sugar and gastric problems.  She gets very easily angry if someone talks against her.   She walks limping. Once a land lady pushed her down and she has broken her left thigh disc.  Therefore she has to take medicines for all those illness.  
Some well wishers brought her to Rosary Trust for help.  ROSARY TRUST took her into its home for destitute.  She is there for the last 8 years.  The home shelters her and gives her food, cothes, medicines recreations etc.
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10th September 2016
Dear Supporters,

Pauline is praying for Janani Ravi, Divya, Mohit, Mitesh and all anonymous persons who have donated Rs. 50000 for her 1 year Food and shelter at the Rosary Home for 70 destitute aged and disabled persons run by Rosary Trust (  She sheds tears saying that she thought she did not have anybody in the world to love and support her but now she feels the love of 7 people by God's grace.  Thanks to them all.

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