Urgent Treatment for 76 years old Grandpa

We are in the need of very urgent medical expenses of my grandpa (Shanmugam),who is 76 years old has been suffering from Parkinson's disease,which is a serious nervous disorder and chronic disorder, meaning that symptoms continue and worsen over time,although there is presently no cure, there are treatment options such as medication and surgery to manage its symptoms ans there is a chance to take the affected person back to normal with prolonged medications and treatment/surgery under proper supervision.
We are really in the need that he should be with us,without having much suffer due to this parkinson's.Since 3 months,Granpa is bedridden and unable to eat any solid foods,due to our compulsion,he is taking milk thrice a day and unable to sit/walk without anyone's help.Though we help him to sit and drink milk,he is getting lots of pain on all his joints due to his disease,we are unable to see him suffering like this without any food with bedridden condition and we are helpless to proceed with his medical treatment,as he is 86 years now,need a immediate medical attention for this treatment.As per doctor's advise,grandpa's medical expenses would be 4 lakhs.
Doctors also advised that he should be under nursing care as his nerves may get worsen at anytime,proper nursing care with full medical treatment will make my grandpa to be with us for more years.
Requesting people to help us whatever you could in order to start the treatment with nursing care and pray for our grandpa to recover soon.All your prayers and timely help will save my Grandpa's life.Much Thanks for your help.

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17th June 2017
Hi friends,

This Grandpa is severely suffering from nervous disorder diseases. Kindly help whatever you could to make live live for few more years...you contribution will make their family happy..Thanks. 

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