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I am fundraising to start organic fertilizers industry and profit will be utilized to educate people about organic farming.
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The main objective of this campaign is to multiply and conserve Indian breed cows and also to create awareness about organic farming. It also aims at providing jobs to rural people.

The food what we are eating are poisonous, because of excessive use of chemical fertilicers and pesticides. The pesticides what farmers are using will residue on crops and causes adverse effect on human health. Using of growth hormones and antibiotics in livestock causes birth defects, cancers, blood disorders,reproductive health on human and causes early puberty in women .

Nutrition facts about Indian breed cows(Bos Indicus) milk:

1. The milk of these cows contain amino acid, which makes the milk protein easily digestive and good for kidney.

2. It is a source of vitamins B2, B3, and A.

3. It helps strengthen the immune strengthen the immune system and greatly reduce the chances of peptic ulcer, colon, breast and skin cancer.

Myself Sathish kumar and I want to start organic fertilizer industry and conserve Indian cow breeds, the profit what i am getting will be utilized to educate the farmers and urban citizens about organic farming and organic livestock.

In Past trends in conventional western agriculture practices like excessive tracterisation in cultivation of soil, overuse of inorganic fertilizers and wide scale application of pesticides have hindered the role of naturally occuring beneficial organisms that were regenerating the soil. Hence soil health and productive capacity of soil is depleting from past 60 years and in India even the humus or soil carbon content come down from 3% to 0.3%.

I kindly request you to give support to raise healthy organic food on your table.

Contributed money will be used to raise following things                                                                                                          PARTICULARS                                                                               COST

1 Eight Indian cow breeds including calves                               350,000

2 Construction of shelter for cows                                                50,000

3 Construction of shelter for compost beds                               25,000

4 Construction of operational area                                            150,000

5 To set up store and office                                                          200,000

6 To set up small hall for organic farming school                    100,000

7 Land rent prize for 0.5 acre area per annum                         200,000

8 Plastic vermin beds cost                                                              25,000

9 Granule making machine and packing machine                      50,000

                                                                                  Total amount: 1,150,000

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