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Swachh Bachpan, Swastha Bachpan. One Kit One Child.

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Swachh Bachpan, Swastha Bachpan

 Children with their hand wash  certificates


India leads the world in premature deaths of children under 5 years of age. The current under 5 death rate for India as a country is 50 children per every 1000 children born. Which means 5% of children born in India, do not celebrate their fifth birthday and die before that. The leading causes of these deaths are diarrhea and acute respiratory infections (like cough), both of which are related to poor sanitation. Poor quality of drinking water, not washing hands after using toilet, not maintaining personal hygiene, lead to infections. In case of diarrhea, the child loses a lot of water and hence weight, and cause of death is usually due to dehydration. In case of respiratory infections, pneumonia is the leading cause of death. Also, these children most times are underweight, and by repeated episodes of fever, cough or diarrhea, their health worsens every time.

Apart from an extreme issue like death, a lot of children fall sick more often, hence miss school more often, and hence miss learning opportunities. In some cases, the children do not grow as per the height and/ or weight as their peers, and also experience, a loss in opportunity to grow adequately. This vicious cycle of malnutrition, poor sanitation and poor health continues until correct measures are taken at home and community level to ensure a healthy and clean childhood.

About Public Health  Justice

Public Health Justice, a public charitable trust, established in 2012, runs Step 1 Balwadi, a community based informal preschool nursery, with focus on early childhood nutrition, education and sanitation. With the underlying logic that the early childhood period, is the foundation of learning and development, and even habit formation, the NGO focuses on programs which bring about healthy eating habits, healthy learning habits and personal hygiene.

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Washing hands in the Balwadi –


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – Sweepathon


About the 26th  January, 2016, Swachh Bachpan, Swastha Bachpan program 

On 2nd October, 2014, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign), and in the same year, on 14th November, 2014, Bal Swachhta Mission (Clean Childhood Mission) was launched. One of the core components of Clean India Campaign is to inculcate personal and community hygiene habits in the children. Hence in the week of 26th January, 2016, Public Health Justice will do the following:

  • Teach children in the nursery how to do a six step hand wash as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and give a hand wash certificate to each and every child.
  • Make the children take a sanitation pledge to keep themselves, their homes and surroundings clean.
  • Provide a sanitation kit to the children which contains, a soap, a nail clipper, a toothbrush, a toothpaste, comb, shampoo sachet, a napkin and other appropriate toiletries.

What is the amount to fundraise?

The target is to reach 500-1000 children and the cost per child for the kit, certificate and event is 200 Indian rupees only.   

How will this be implemented?

In the month of January 500 children will be pre-registered, and upon receipt of the funds, in groups of 20, the children will wash hands and receive the kit.

Website: www.publichealthjustice.com

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