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Helpless Farmer Has Nothing Left To Save His 7-Month-Old Baby

His stomach gets so painfully bloated that we can’t even carry him for long to comfort him. Even touching him causes him pain, and he cries all the time. He barely sleeps and struggles to swallow milk. This disease will kill our baby even before he turns one if we don’t get him treated in time. He has only a few weeks left to get a life-saving liver transplant, but now we’re more helpless than ever.” – Kumud, Baby Anurag’s father.

Every time Kumud and Lalita take their 7-month-old to the hospital, his painful cries and screams echo through the quiet corridors. All his teary eyes plead for is to be saved from the misery of this deadly disease. Baby Anurag has an end-stage liver disease, and without timely treatment, it will cause severe damage to his other organs and kill him.

The little one has known nothing but pain since birth

Even when baby Anurag was born with jaundice, Kumud and Lalita were not too worried. They thought that the yellowness would clear in no time, and he would be fine. Unfortunately, Anurag’s jaundice was something far more serious - his tests revealed that his liver was completely enlarged.

“For a long time, we didn’t understand what was happening or how serious his disease is. His liver is failing and the longer he goes without a transplant, the lesser his chances are of surviving this. He’ll start having seizures and won't even be able to move any more. There will be no going back from that. Not a single day has gone by where he hasn’t cried, not a single day without pain.”

Baby Anurag has Niemann Pick-disease, where excessive fat accumulates in the cells. This first affects the liver and spleen, then causes difficulty in learning and speaking. He now has an end-stage liver disease because of this. Every day, fluid is drained out of his little body to ensure his stomach is not painfully bloated. But this procedure and medicines can only keep him alive for so long, he needs an urgent liver transplant to survive.

His parents feel defeated as all their efforts aren't enough to save him

Kumud, a farmer, and Lalita come from a humble background. Although they didn’t have much, they managed to stay afloat with whatever little income they earned. However, affording their baby’s treatment is far more than they can afford. Even if Kumud toils away all day at the fields, he will never be able to afford 20 lakhs for his son’s liver transplant. They can’t even keep him in the hospital any longer. Kumud and Lalita are hoping that against all odds, they are somehow able to afford their son’s surgery.

How You Can Help

Kumud and Lalita have already spent 1.5 lakhs on Anurag’s treatment so far after begging and borrowing from family and neighbors. Now, they have nothing left to save their son. Baby Anurag needs a liver transplant at the earliest to survive and the only thing standing in his way is his parents’ poverty. Only you can help save this 7-month-old’s life.
Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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6th August 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is a quick update on baby Anurag's health.

Currently, he is at home and is in stable condition. There is still swelling in his stomach for which doctors have prescribed medicines.

His next visit to the hospital is on 13th August, will keep you posted as to what doctors decide on the future course of action.

10th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your tremendous love and support. This means a lot to us.

Baby Anurag currently has a swollen stomach and he needs to undergo a transplant. The donor has not been identified yet. However, the donor may be the father or the mother. Depending on the test results, we will take a call on the same. The baby is at home now and is on medication.

Please keep supporting so the baby can undergo the required treatment at the earliest and can be given the best of medical care possible. We shall keep you posted. Thank you again!

Dr. Bora
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