NEXT stands for National Exit Test. It's been suggested by the government to "improve the quality of doctors in the country". That is, it would be an official screening test, akin to the licensing exams held by US, UK, Australia, etc. This much, most of us are aware of. But the additional facts unknown to most students and parents are the following proposed changes:

  1. Replacement of MCI by NMC - National Medical Council. Under NMC, the proposed addition of Schedule 4 states that the title of an RMP can be given to persons holding medical qualifications granted by any other body in India.
    Essentially, this would mean that other individuals from alternative fields of medicines, namely AYUSH, will be entitled to hold the title of RMPs
  2. 50% of seats can be reserved for medical officers who have served in rural areas for a period of 3 years;
    In addition to this, the government has recommended that after acquiring a PG degree, a mandatory service of 3 years in rural areas for all medical practitioners

What does this mean? 

  1. For whatever reason, if you do not clear this exam, you are not eligible to practice. You are a degree-less 12th pass after 5 years of struggle, sweat and tears. After approximately 30 exams and numerous tests given over the 5 years, you are not allowed to call yourself a doctor. 
  2. Current ratio of number of medical students to number of PG seats is 3:1. Addition of AYUSH students into the scene? Well, you may never get a PG seat at all

NEXT belittles and ridicules the 5 rigorous years of hardwork, tears, sweat, countless breakdowns and abysmal number of suicides that occur all over the country in our field.
The idea of integrating AYUSH into the field of modern medicine - How can you possibly compare and equate these sciences whose principles are based on ideologies that are poles apart?
Quality of doctors is not the sole responsibility of the students! If it is evident that a particular college is not up to the mark, revoke the license! Filter out the machines producing the bad seeds, don’t just filter out the seeds.

Creating a change in the doctors our colleges produce cannot be achieved by adding another exam as a hurdle. If problems were this easy to resolve, poverty, deaths and infectious diseases would have, long ago, been eliminated by one miraculous masterstroke!

After years of struggle - right from those Aakash, Kalrashukla and countless other coaching classes to the end of an exhaustive internship - NEXT is just the ideal way for the government to remind us how the medical fraternity has been mistreated and abused time and again. 

If you do not to raise your voice, NEXT will become a reality.

Competing against students of AYUSH for the already-meagre PG seats will be our NEXT nightmare.

Nervous breakdowns, suicides and depression will become the NEXT epidemic among us.

National Medical Students’ Action Council, under the guidance of IMA-Medical Students’ Network, was created by the students, for the students and to show that our unity and our determination will help us win this fight. Join us in this struggle, and help us raise the funds necessary to propagate the NO TO NEXT campaign until our PM himself is unable to do anything but say NO TO NEXT.

EVERY SINGLE RUPEE YOU CONTRIBUTE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Ten or hundred or a thousand rupees, it will help us spread this message to every student, every parent, every doctor and to every corner of this country. 

Act now to save yourself, to save your future. Let’s show them that YOU WILL STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, and that NEXT WILL NEVER BE A REALITY.
An initiative by NatMAC under IMA-MSN
An initiative by NatMAC under IMA-MSN
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17th October 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is a quick update.
The website has been set up, protests have been held, and on October 2nd, a fast from 6am to 6pm saw good media coverage across India. All the expenses incurred during this time, including travel, payment for website-domains and marketing- and media-related work , needs to paid to the respective members of our team who proactively spent their own money for the cause.
The work is yet to be done, as the threat of this exit exam still looms over us. Already, the latest issue of homeopathy doctors being allowed to practise modern medicine is a matter of great concern. IMA, IMA-Students' Wing and NatMAC will not take this easily, and we will ensure our profession, our rights, and our patients' are protected from the government mercenaries impractical decisions.

Thank you for all the support once again!
5th September 2017
Until now, we've managed to raise a good amount, thanks to your generous contributions. The campaign managers across the country have been trying hard to find sponsors to supplement the funds raised from milaap. The funds will primarily be used for driving our campaign in the media and to hold awareness drives in medical colleges in every state of the country. Without the support of our own students and their families, this campaign cannot succeed. Please share this as much as possible, not only for funds, but also to inform the general public that NEXT is not just an issue for the medical fraternity, but is a serious threat to the healthcare system of our country.

Shiv Joshi
National Medical Students' Action Council

Vaishnavi Kaimaparambil
Finance Committee
National Medical Students' Action
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