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20th September 2016

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Date: 20.09.2016

Thanks for all your support and generous contributions, I have received the funds to enable me to start the Plasmapheresis. I spoke to my doctor and requested them to start the treatment. So this Thursday, 22.09.2016, I start the 1st of the 20 sessions that the doctor has recommended. I have had to do this before and it’s quite a tiring process and leaves me completely drained of all my energy. So in case I am unable to update you all on the progress on a regular basis, my apologies.

To be honest I was not comfortable starting this campaign thinking of how people will judge me and that was the reason I was aloof for the most part of 2016. But being left with no option I had no other choice but to appeal to you all. The support I have received since then has been overwhelming. Close friends, friends of friends who donot even know me, donating large chunks of their savings in order to save me has left me pondering with a wide range of emotions. These are things I never really thought would happen. It has definitely given me courage to fight on and I can only hope god gives me the strength and opportunity to pass forward the good deed.

I am able to start my treatment because of all the love shown by you all. Once again thank you to each one of you. I will continue to post my health updates. The next battle would be to reach out to more people in order to meet the target goal on the Milaap page. I request your kind help in spreading the word.


I am Nithyashree a 25 year old resident of India. What started as an episode of typhoid, 2 months later was diagnosed as a complex kidney disease in it’s fifth stage. Since then it has been a struggle to keep up with the piling medical bills. The illness took a massive toll on me, both physically and mentally. So I had to quit my job earlier in February of this year.

We were not anticipating the cost of the treatment to be this high. We have already spent all our savings on the treatment so far and were helped along the way by some close friends as we had to do multiple rounds of plasmapheresis and also an operation to remove both my kidneys as my anti GBM antibodies count was not coming down.

Now as I await for a transplant, Doctors at Madras Medical Mission have stated the first step is to again do plasmapheresis  in order to bring my anti GBM antibodies under control and I need to undergo blood purification through dialysis 3 times a week for another 6 months. I need to undergo 20 sessions of plasmapheresis every alternate day without skipping any sessions. In order to avoid missing any sessions, it is only possible once all the funds are arranged. In the meanwhile I am having to continue to do additional dialysis.

Each Dialysis session costs Rs 1,850 and each plasmapheresis session costs Rs 34,000. The transplant costs another Rs 7 Lakhs. The expenses going forward will be between 15-16 Lakhs. Additionally there will be expenses after the operation as well. Below is the doctor's letter detailing the costs required until my operation from now on.

My dad is an electrical contractor but has barely been able to get any contracts off late and with the real estate market at it’s low point, the signs for recovery seems bleak. I had to put my treatment on hold due to lack of funds and the entire family is stressed and drained both financially and mentally.

With this campaign, I want to reach out to each one of you to help me and my family in these tough times. My parents are trying their level best but I can see the stress on them as receiving financial assistance is very tough.

I have attached the hospital's estimate letter. Request you to please contribute and help me undergo this treatment.
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