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Help My Daughter Neha Fight Acute Lukemia Relapse

Neha is just 9-years-old. She is fighting an aggressive and ruthless form of blood cancer that seemed to have manifested suddenly. Her family has taken her to several hospitals, finally landing up at Baptist Hospital, Bangalore, where she is fighting the deadly disease with aggressive rounds of chemotherapy.

A fever turned into a blood cancer

Anil Kumar and Sheikh Noori, got married 10 years ago. They were soon gifted with the twins- Neha and Nikita; their bundle of joy. They were a happy family until Neha started showing symptoms of weakness.

Neha turned 9 in March, and this family is unable to shake the dreaded feeling that it might just be her last birthday. She was going to school in the village where she lived and enjoyed life like any other fourth grader.

Neha is an amazing classical dancer.One day, just a year ago, she came back home from her dance performance with a severe fever, cough, and cold. The parents neglected it thinking it to be fatigue. She then started to develop a high fever again which did not subside for days.The alarmed parents rushed her to the local hospital only to hear that Neha was suffering from blood cancer. “We were perplexed. We did not know how to handle this.”

Journey from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu to Karnataka

They went to CMC Vellore, where Neha underwent two intensive rounds of chemotherapy. “To see my playful Neha now tangled with wires in the hospital scares me. She was such a naughty and hyperactive child in school”.

The family indeed had a very tough month. Anil had to quit his sales job to take care of his daughter. Neha’s mother would stay with her at the hospital while her father and sister stayed in a PG.

But before Neha could complete her second chemo, the treatment relapsed and she was advised to undergo a quick Bone Marrow Transplant. They, however, came back to their hometown to avoid the costly treatment. Neha was on ayurvedic medicines for a couple of months, but nothing really improved. The cancer was acute and BMT was the only ray of hope.

Neha’s condition deteriorated and she was brought to Kidwai Hospital, Bangalore. “When the doctors gave up hope for delaying the transplant, we were nervous. By then my wife became a mental patient as well. Hospital is my home now.”

It is heart-wrenching to see my daughter bedridden

Neha and Nikita are too fond of each other. Every morning, one would find Nikita in the hospital, consoling her elder sister. When Neha was reluctant to shave off her hair before the chemos, it was the younger one who inspired Neha by shaving off hers. “When we see them laughing and giggling together in the hospital, we feel helpless. We feel we have failed as parents”.

Each round of chemotherapy took a toll on the family both mentally and financially. They had to watch her like a hawk as the minute she would start showing any signs of fatigue.

Neha is in pain. She believes that she is suffering from dengue and needs to be in the hospital for a couple of weeks more. She panics when the medical team tries to talk to her. But Anil keeps telling her that everything will be fine and they will go back home soon.

How you can help

Currently, the child is admitted to Baptist Hospital in Hebbal where she is undergoing cycles of chemotherapy. Neha has started responding positively now. The doctors have although planned for the BMT in the month of November, the donor is yet to be found.

The family has relocated to Bangalore currently by selling off their house, vehicle and other assets. Their financial situation is weak. They poured in everything they had for the medical expenses so far. They have spent almost 22 lakhs. Now, they are left with nothing.

Your contribution can save young Neha and help her to live.
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Estimate letter
Baptist Hospital
Baptist Hospital
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15th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful love and support that you have shown towards my daughter Neha. I have some news to share with you today.

Neha was undergoing treatment for cancer and was recovering well from it. Cancer relapsed and upon discussion, with the doctor, her treatment was started again. She complained of breathlessness and we took her to the hospital. The doctors said that she suffered a cardiac arrest and she could not be revived.

She fought very hard and tried very hard but in spite of the best efforts from the doctors, she could not make it. Your timely support ensured that she received the best treatment possible. All the funds raised via this campaign have been utilised towards her treatment.

Thank you once again. Would request you to please pray for her soul to rest in peace. 
8th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful love and support that you have shown towards Neha. She successfully underwent the BMT on 3rd December 2017. Her mother was the donors and she is also doing well. She was under observation for a month in the hospital after undergoing the transplant procedure and then she got discharged as she recovered very quickly.

She has had minor complications like fever and other infections but the doctors suggest us that it is nothing to worry about and is completely normal. She developed pneumonia recently and is undergoing treatment for the same.

The doctors have advised us of regular follow-ups to monitor her health. The doctors have advised her to take injections on a regular basis and based on her health and recovery they will be changing the dosage of the medication and they will be following this for about a year.

I would like to thank all of you once again for the wonderful support that you have shown towards Neha. Please do pray for her health and speedy recovery. Will keep you posted.

29th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Neha.

She will undergo Hickman Insertion and shift to BMT on 2.12.17 for Allogeneic Transplantation.

Doctors have advised to run a few more tests before the transplantation.
Her mother and sister are also undergoing tests to see if they are potential donors.

Please pray for her health and speedy recovery.

Thank you for your love and support.


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