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#1000SafaiSainiks #1000Changemakers

Hello, I am Gautam. I am a Safai Commando in Samagra. I wake up every day to the smiling faces of my loving wife and my two beautiful daughters Nandini and Naina. They know that their father will soon go out for his work and they would happily anticipate for his arrival at home. There smiles gives me strength because I am on a MISSION to make INDIA clean.

An interesting question that is asked to every one once in their life is “what is that one thing that they are proud of?” Many people would answer about their achievement like topper in college, earning huge salary, successful business man.

But my answer to this question is,’ I am part of the Samagra Swacch Movement.  I am part of the Safai Army workforce cleaning 150 toilet locations to make Pune Open Defecation free city. My day at work majorly includes bringing smiles to faces of the urban poor by giving them a clean community toilet. What gives me satisfaction from my work is smile I bring on the mother's face, providing a safe toilet to a girl child, empowering the community towards creating a sustainable environment.

Samagra brings you its award-winning Toilet Design and Operation Model called "LooRewards" through which we provide clean, hygienic and safe toilet access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to 1 Million users for an ONE TIME INVESTMENT.

That is why we are raising funds for providing a livelihood to these passionate Safai Sainiks who are 24*7 working towards uplifting lives of the urban poor through awesome sanitation!

Support –
For Transforming India, Transforming People, Transforming Toilet 

(you can watch the video on YouTube here)

आखिर मै एक सफाई सैनिक हूँ!

जब मै शौचालय मै जाता हूँ,
वहा की गन्दगी देखकर मन बड़ा विचलित होता है!
सोचता हूँ, लोग इतनी गन्दगी मै क्यों रहते है,
बहूत गुस्सा आता है, किसी को मारने का मन करता है,
फिर सोचता हूँ, ये मै क्या कर रहा हूँ,
क्या मै लोगों को बोल कर सुधार सकता हूँ,
 क्या मै साफ़ कर के सुधार सकता हूँ!
दोस्तों जवाब मिल गया –
मै काम कर के ही सुधार सकता हूँ,
आखिर मै एक सफाई सैनिक हूँ!!
जब सौचालय साफ़ करना शुरू करता हूँ,
साँस थम सी जाती है,
 आँखे लाल होकर आंसू टपकने लगते है,
 कमर का दर्द शुरू हो जाता है,
कपडे असिड से मेले हो जाते है,
तब सोचता हूँ, ये मै क्या कर रहा हूँ,
 मन से एक आवाज आती है,
आखिर मै एक सफाई सैनिक है!!
जब लोगों की तरफ देखता हूँ,
बच्चे जब बाहर शौच करते है,
माँ-बहने शौचालय जाने से डरती है!
तब मै सोचता हूँ मै ये क्या कर रहा हूँ,
बस एक ही लक्ष्य दिखाई देता है,
 मुझे देश को साफ़ करना है,
चाहे कोई आये या ना आये,
मै देश को साफ करके ही रहूँगा,
क्यों की
मै एक सफाई सैनिक हूँ!!

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17th August 2017
Dear Supporters,

With your support we have provided livelihood to 2 Safai Sainiks and have provided them and their families dignified lives. Please circulate this message in your network to enable providing dignified lives to more of those who help keep our Community Loo clean and hygienic.

With gratitude for binding with us for a common cause,
Team Samagra
31st July 2017
Dear Samagra Supporters,

With Your continued support, we have made immense progress in the last 6 months.
We have scaled our impact 10 times to 150 Toilet Blocks in over 100 slums of PUNE.
More than 150,000 urban poor use our toilets daily
Out of these, over 70,000 are female users.

Currently, we have over 100 Clean Warriors making sure that these toilets are clean for our users.

This YEAR we have set a NEW ambitious GOAL for us.
We AIM to reach 200 more communities in PUNE and start our services in 3 NEW cities in the next 12 months and we need your help

This would mean that EXTRA 200,000 users will have access to our awesome services.
BUT we will need 1000 More Clean Warriors to be able to provide awesome services to our users.

We will need your support to accomplish this.

Thank you for your continued patronage

Swapnil a.k.a PoopGuy
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