Help 15-year-old Murali beat a rare, very curable cancer

Murali, 15, has been diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia – a rare blood cancer. Despite being an aggressive, rapidly advancing cancer, with the right treatment there is a very good chance for full recovery. His father, a daily-wage worker in Vijaywada needs help paying for Murali's treatment. Without immediate treatment, Murali cannot make it. 

An ominous start to the new year

Murali started this new year by falling sick. A class 10 student, by the second week of January, he had to be admitted to the hospital because he couldn't keep any food down and had fainting spells. “The doctor told us that Murali had cancer. I didn't want to believe it. I immediately took him to another hospital hoping the diagnosis was wrong,” says Chandrasekhar, Murali's father.

Chandrasekhar's hopes were dashed when the other hospital told him that his son did have the dreaded disease. Being a daily-wage worker at a furniture shop did not stop him from wanting the best for his son. He admitted Murali to Manipal Hospitals in Vijaywada. He borrowed money from everyone he knew and has spent over Rs 50,000 on Murali's treatment. 

Complications in Murali's treatment

Murali has been started on immediate chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the cancer is aggressive and it has caused haemorrhaging in Murali's lungs. He now needs blood transfusions and high-flow Oxygen along with chemotherapy. The intensive treatment is urgent and Murali's family is in no condition to raise the required funds.

Just when the family thought that they had the money to start immediate treatment, this new complication presented them with an unsurmountable challenge. Chandrasekhar's income is Rs 8,000 per month and his wife Padmavati makes Rs 2,000 per month washing clothes for people. Murali's elder sister is in class 12 and is keenly aware that they don't have the money to save her brother's life.  

Chandrasekhar's voice breaks as he thinks of how his son is battling cancer butdoesn't know. “He is such a good, competitive student. He  scolds me and tells me he needs to study and do coaching for his board exams. I have to tell him its just another week. That it is just till his blood count gets better. Him losing hope is not a chance we can take.” 

Finding a silver lining in these trying circumstances

The cancer Murali has is easily curable with a great recovery rate. But it is also a deadly, fast cancer that needs to be attacked at the earliest. At the moment his parents live with inescapeable helplessness, wishing they had some money to save their son. The haemorrhage has added a desperation to their fight against cancer.

Murali needs Rs 4 lakhs for one month of intensive therapy and critical care. The subsequent cycles of chemotherapy will be much less expensive and will be covered by the cancer trusts and government schemes. 

Murali has a very good chance at better health and full recovery. Let money not stand in the way of saving this talented, young child's life. Contribute now and save Murali. 
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
Medical Report
Medical Report
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14th February 2017
Murali Krishna, the 15 year old boy with acute promyelocytic leukemia admitted in Manipal Hospital, has completed his first cycle of chemotherapy. He has recovered well, and is out of danger. The bone marrow studies repeated on him yesterday, confirm that his cancer is in remission.  The complications he had on admission, including lung hemorrhage have resolved, and his blood counts are near normal.He is being discharged today and after a one month gap, he will get the rest of his chemotherapy as an out-patient. We plan to give him four more cycles of chemotherapy to consolidate the remission achieved, which Murali will receive over the next 8 months. Once again we thank all the donors who had come forward to help him and we would be happy to provide further updates on his progress as required.
6th February 2017
Mr. Murali Krishna, the 15 year old boy with acute promyelocytic leukemia admitted in Manipal Hospital, is now into the third week of his chemotherapy. He is recovering well, though not yet completely out of danger. Most of the complications he had on admission, including lung hemorrhage have resolved and his blood counts are making good progress.He will need admission for another 10 days and then we anticipate that we will be able to continue the rest of the chemotherapy on out-patient basis.Once his blood counts have recovered to normal we will be repeating his bone marrow tests to confirm that he is in remission. We thank all the donors who have come forward to generously support this young boy at his moment of crisis, and we will keep you updated as to his further progress.
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