Help Create Awareness About Mental Health In India

Hike up to Kilimanjaro

“There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn't.” ― John Green

It is not new in the world we live in today that mental health is a pressing issue. It’s affecting a lot of us, our loved ones and people across the globe. Most importantly, it’s not letting us speak about it because of the society we live in. When we get physically hurt, we visit the doctor, don’t we? Then why is it that when we’re mentally hurt, we hesitate to ask for help? Why is it a stigma to discuss a mental health?
We (Shrutti Rajgarhia and Anshuman Rajgarhia) saw a very dear family friend, battle depression. It was a difficult time for us- we didn’t know how to help, we didn’t know what the right thing to say would be, we were IGNORANT. And that’s what bothered us the most, that weren’t aware enough.
This personal incident, got us thinking of mental health more deeply. We did a lot of research, we read a lot mental health and it helped us reach out more to our family and friends who might be low, who might feel dejected, who might just want someone to hear them out. And do it without judgement. This AWARENESS helped us, helped those who were looking for a few words of kindness, for a few words of encouragement.
It enabled us to be that lending ear, that comforting voice and the loving heart to those who were looking for hope, those looking for that one ray of sunshine.
Earlier this month, we lost the elegant Kate Spade and majestic Antony Bourdain. It was heart-breaking to read about their mental health disturbance, which led them to take such a huge step. It’s a step of just one moment; that moment, can either sail us through or force us to take such drastic steps. Were they poor? No. Were they unsuccessful? No. Were they socially unaccepted? Certainly not. Then what? There is not black and white answer. And money, success is certainly not the answer, going by what we’ve been seeing around us. One can never know what’s going on someone else’s mind, what’s hurting them, what’s affecting them, what’s making them sad.
But the one thing that we realised from our personal experience is that physical activeness, takes you a long way. The habit of exercising, can help you through weak moments of your life you’re down and about.
Thus, we have made it our personal mission, to spread AWARENESS about mental health, through this hike to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (over the course of six days). We aim to create awareness about how the physical body and the mental state can be kept active and alive through physical exercise. The role that any form of physical exercise plays in bettering our mental health.
We want to challenge ourselves, mentally and physically and nothing would give us greater joy than to have all you beautiful people as a part of our journey up to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Shrutti Rajgarhia
Anshuman Rajgarhia

We are looking to raise funds to support our climb INR 2,60,000 (The break up is given in Annexure I) So, if you believe in the power of physical exercise and the miracles it can cause, help us, support us with any amount you feel comfortable donating! Cheers

Annexure I
Arrival and departure transfer fees
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Portable washroom
Support staff cost
Emergency oxygen tank
Full board on the mountain
Two nights’ accommodation - one before the trek and one after the trek
Water and food
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23rd July 2018
Dear all,

Thank you for your support for this cause.

We are now in the final week of our preparation to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Shrutti and I are extremely excited to go to Tanzania and successfully climb the mountain.

Shrutti and Anshuman
8th July 2018
Thank you all donors!

We have used the funds to make an initial booking and confirming the trip with the Company.
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