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I am pledging my birthday to empowerment of Poor Women SHG members
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Why am I fundraising?

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To support poor women self-help-group members to start income generation activities to sustain their livelihood. Aimed to support 15000 members of the women self-help-groups and farmers club members. The project will help the poor women to increase their income and support their family economy and girl child can continue to get the family support to get education. The extent of poverty will be reduced and women can get bargaining power and will contribute a lot in building the rural economy and there by they will sustain self employment.

Through this project timely financial assistacen and necessary amount based on their business proposal can be available. This will bridge the huge gap and women will better utilized the opportunity to fullfil their needs to start suitable trades.         

What do I plan to do with the funds?

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The funds will be used to extend micro-finance assistances to members of women self-help-groups in Tirupur, Dindigul and Coimbatore districts and will cover well over 15000 members.


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When we can get the payment gateway facilities to receive the funds through credit card from abroad?  

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