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Hello Fellow Givers,

I've been brought up by a simple, god fearing and nature loving family. Raised in an armed forces household, I was always taught to love and respect fellow beings, especially the ones who couldn't fight for themselves or express their needs & challenges in life. Case in point, are these two stray pups (profile pic) playing innocently despite no shelter, food or caregiver in sight. One of them unfortunately lost its way and most likely has passed on. There are countless more out there, struggling, just waiting for a helping hand.

I see a lot of hate, apathy and insensitivity towards stray animals in our society today and its baffling and hurtful to see that we humans have the ability to be so cruel and careless towards other living beings. To help bring about a semblance of change in this attitude, I feel its necessary to make examples and educate the unoriented and hence I've arrived at a commercial model I'm convinced would help tackle the issue of animal aid whilst also providing guidance and knowledge to members of the society who're reluctant to notice and care.

I intend on setting up a care & rehabilitation center for stray animals in need with the help of a team that believes in rehabilitating, preserving and protecting animals in need. This center would be a legal entity and operate under a self sustenance business model wherein a balance between voluntary assistance and earned assistance would be maintained. The plan is to rescue abandoned, injured and needy animals and host them at the center until they attain full health and then assist in the relocation and rehabilitation of such animals. In order to sustain such an operation, while we would obviously invite donations and voluntary service from animal lovers, we would not singularly depend on that. On a parallel level, we would use the center as a full time pet & animal veterinary clinic where we would offer medical services & products at reasonable prices as compared to other options that exist currently. 

Additionally, we would also offer pet boarding, grooming and training services at reasonable prices and together these paid services will help generate a regular stream of income which would be used to sustain and support the voluntary services side of the center, as well as take care of all the salaries and administrative expenses of the center. The books of accounts of the center will be properly maintained, audited and filed with the necessary authorities regularly. Donors would have full access to the facilities in order to validate the operation as well as volunteer themselves.

Following is how the money would be invested for the first 6 months:

1) Registration & Basic Infrastructure Set up - Rs.12,00,000
2) Medical Equipment (Non-Surgical) - Rs.6,00,000
3) Rescue Vehicle (Second Hand) - Rs.5,00,000
4) Rescue & Rehabilitation Staff Salaries - Rs.7,00,000

I am aware that I'm asking you to put your faith in me, a person you may or may not know personally, but I assure you that my intentions are genuine and I would be more than happy to discuss my plans in more detail whenever and wherever required by anyone. 
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17th May 2017
Hello Fellow Care Givers,

This is my second update since I started this campaign. Happy to inform all of you that this campaign is now sponsoring the surgical and post operative medical expenses of its second benefactor - Kaalu. Kaalu is a streetie who recently got run over by a car and was rescued in the nick of time, thanks to some of my colleagues.

As is always the case, the expenses are piling up but there is little or no help from any other source hence I agreed to part sponsor Kaalus medical expenses courtesy this campaign. Once again, thank you for your support in enabling us to achieve such vital milestones in our endeavour.

Details pertaining to Kaalu along with pictures are posted by me herewith.

Best wishes to you all!
20th January 2017

Dear Fellow Care Givers,

I'm happy to update you on our first rescue & rehabilitation effort since the launch of this campaign. While I'm a long way off from achieving the ultimate objective of this campaign, I realised that the valuable & critical work of helping & caring for stray or abandoned animals shouldnt have to wait for anything. So here goes...

In the profile images of this campaign, you'll now notice a stray dog with a cast on its left leg. Thats Mocho, a friendly stray dog living nearby who while following a fellow care giver recently, found himself in the midst of busy traffic on the main road, and in trying to run back towards safer ground, was hit side on by a moving vehicle. His leg & paw were instantly crushed, and his main bone shattered into two pieces. Fortunately, help was at hand and we managed to rush him to the nearby hospital for immediate surgery & care.

Today, Mocho has a rod holding his left leg bones in place and he trots around painfully with a cast on. A lot of help, support & love has come his way though and he's being well looked after. This campaign has helped Mocho significantly by sponsoring 50% i.e. Rs.8000/- (expenses image attached) towards his surgery and post operative recovery & treatment expenses. He has asked me to personally thank each one of you on his behalf and says that he will be thankful, loyal & indebted to his new found friends (rescuers & donors) for the rest of his life.

Personally, I feel immensely satisfied and blessed, to have been a small part of Mocho's fight for survival, and his due place under the sun. All thanks to you guys! A big shout out to all our campaign supporters!

With gratitude,

Michael Khanna
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Great job Michael....happy to help in a small way!

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For a great cause....well done Mike :)

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Thanks Mike!. This is a wonderful cause and more support for such genuine and honest efforts is an absolute necessity. Our humanness, respect for all creatures, environment and the very air we breathe is at risk. Initiatives such as yours help to build hope for our kids futures. Keep up the good work!

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All the Best👍