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Help me take 'Martyrs of Marriage' to the public


My name is Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj. Many of you who read this may know about me and my work, many of you may not. In a nut shell - I talk about a gender that's forgotten when it comes to discussion on gender issues. Whether it is matrimonial challenges, pain because of betrayal in relationships, domestic abuse and violence, bias by the system, injustice because of one sided laws - we hardly ever consider men as victims.

Four years ago, I took it upon myself to speak up against injustice done to men. Speak up for men who become victims of false dowry and domestic violence cases. Men who themselves are wronged in a marriage but are accused as wrong doers, men who face false accusations and hence have their career, family and life destroyed because of someone's vendetta.

I decided to do so through a documentary and started making Martyrs of Marriage - a documentary film on misuse of IPC 498A - laws related to dowry harassment. The film is about how men and their families become victims of gender biased laws in India. Many even choose to end their lives in absence anybody interested in hearing their side of the story.

Watch the Trailer here

The film is now complete and I want to showcase it to as many people as possible across India. The idea is to create awareness towards this issue and seek intervention of our lawmakers to give justice to those falsely accused in 498A.

My Request

I quit my job to do this work and have spent my life's saving to make this film. A lot of people helped me earlier to ensure that this film sees light of the day and I seek support of other such kind souls to help me take this film to as many viewers as possible. 

I am looking for funds to ensure screenings across multiple locations in India. I also want to send the film to film festivals, dub the film in different languages, pay people who are helping me and make this a movement to make the lawmakers listen to problem people are facing because of biased laws.

I am looking for public support to ensure that I take this film far and wide. I insist that you fund my work only if you have full faith in me.

Warm Regards,
Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj
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18th July 2017
Dear Donors,

Screenings of Martyrs of Marriage in Australia was a stupendous success. At ICMI - International Conference on Men's Issues, several audience from Australia and many other countries appreciated the film immensely and shared concern about the situation in India. During our screening in Melbourne, we had government officials who have been part of groups that have debated upon passing of a 498A like law in Australia. The film gave them insight into ongoing issues in India with the law and they expressed interest in showcasing the film to Lawmakers in Australia if they decide positively on bringing a law for Indian Community in Australia. We also screened the film at Western Sydney University where the society which screened it has planned to showcase the film again for larger awareness among students there as well.

I am now working on the film's release online. It is my duty to share with you that the film has got into slight issues post my screenings in Australia regarding consent of one of the participants in the film which Milaap also is aware of. The development has been damaging but I am confident I will be able to handle it. Some people (none from the donors) have raised concerns over this crowd fund and its spends. Should any of you who have contributed to my efforts for this campaign have questions or concerns please reach out to me directly on and I will be happy to connect you with those who have organized the screenings in various cities and the expenditures we have incurred.

I understand the responsibility on my shoulders as you as a donor to this campaign have invested not only your money but also your trust in me.

I would request you to also log into and subscribe yourself for all updates related to the film.

I am just an email away! Please do reach out if you have any queries.

Warm Regards,
Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj

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