After Losing Two Babies Already Malliga Fights To Save Her Third Baby

"Why was I allowed to get pregnant but not allowed to have them? Why I have to endure so much pain? Why can't I have a baby?That feeling of barrenness cannot be explained in words, I have no strength to go through it again."

Can you imagine the pain of losing a baby one after the other even before holding them in hands? I had such an unfortunate fate. I have been witnessing such an unbearable pain, I  painfully longed for having a baby for 28 years of my marriage life. I had no idea the path we were headed down would bring such loss, sorrow, anger, fear. It turned out only to find out that I will eventually lose them. Now I'm desperate to save my only surviving child among the triplets who is fighting for his life.

Like any other couple, my husband and I wished to raise a child and give them all that we could do. Little did we know that we had to struggle so much, live in pain and guilt. We were thrilled when I got pregnant. I followed all the advice given by doctor religiously. We were planning out an entire future for our children until the most unexpected thing happened. I had an unbearable pain even before the due date and doctor said a c- section has to be done immediately.

When the maternity ward was surrounded by the cry of newborns I delivered my first baby to an inevitable death. My second baby was fighting for his life while I was still lying in bed, suffering from the physical pain and grief of losing a child. Grief was consuming me every minute. My second child was fighting for his life and my third one was still in womb. I was not allowed to see my child, I kept asking for the second baby. My husband was silent.

"The silence was deafening, the terrible, empty silence, every mother's nightmare. He then broke into tears, I felt every cell in my body was ripping apart. My husband and doctors consoled that third baby would be healthy but that is not the reason to not mourn the death of my two precious babies"

My second baby passed away after fighting for 2 weeks. I wanted a reassurance every now and then about my third baby. The feeling of being faulty because I failed to sustain that poor little baby's lives was horrible I forced myself to stay clam because I did not want to affect the other baby.

My third baby was born alive but with extremely low weight of only 850 grams. Baby was soon taken to NICU and doctors said he need extensive treatment until he gains weight. Doctors are hopeful abut his recovery. I'm pumping out the milk to feed my baby through tubes, I haven't eve hold hi for  a moment.

" I believe there is a way to overcome all the pain, suffering and trauma I had endured, it is to take my baby back home and mother him. I cant imagine going back to my home and looking at the walls. I wish my baby knew how much I want him or how long I have waited for him. He would defienetly then come to my hands"

My name is Gunasekaran. While you are reading my story, I'm running for person I knew in this earth to give me a job because I dont have money even for our next meal. I have no time to even sink in to the sorrows and grieve, I have to understand the reality.

"I'm a coolie worker and I have literally spent all that I had with me to save my children. Now I need to save my only surviving child. I sold even the 'thali' (mangal sutra) of my wife.Is is too ambitious to even think for having a child? How can we live without a child just because we don't have money? I can work the whole day and feed my child but he needs to be alive"

I earn Rs 300 per day if I manage to get any job. I can't bear to see my wife crying all the day and my child battling for life. I have already borrowed huge money for heavy interest. My baby boy needs extensive treatment to survive, it will take another 6-8 weeks for him to recover. The treatment would require Rs 8  lakhs which is unimaginable. Only your contributions can save the baby.

"Please help me to save my baby, I will ever grateful to you and your family. We don't want anything else in life but our baby boy to survive. Please help us."

Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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5th March 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the support. The baby is 50 days old now, he is showing improvement in all aspects.

Currently, he requires minimal oxygen support, is able to accept feeds through tubes and gaining weight. Current weight is 1300 grams. The baby will require 3 more weeks of ICU stay to get fit for discharge.

Thank you for all the support so far. Please continue sharing the campaign with your friends and family. Will keep you posted.

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