Make This Eid Great For Everyone

For People who bring in only ₹3,000 to ₹5,000 monthly to their homes, festivals like Eīd become less significant, as it is difficult to meet the rampant price hike.

Eīd does not bring any extraordinary significance for people who are termed as ‘poor’ except it comes and goes like every other day. Their children never get new dresses, shoes or food on Eid and it’s all a daydream for them.

Labourers and domestic servants, who spend day and night in tremendous hard work, just to fulfill the obligation of two meals but usually sleep with empty stomachs, hardly share this event’s delight and cheerfulness because of dire poverty.

Street children and destitute people endure pains of deprivation and untold sufferings. There is absolutely nothing for them in this blissful affair. They all know one thing; Eid is for the affluent class and not for the poor people like them.

The genuine enjoyment of Eid cannot be achieved if a major portion of the population suffers just because of no or less money. It cannot be an auspicious Eid-day, if lots of poor children remain without food, cloths and shoes. The cheerfulness of an Eid get-together will be deflating, if needy people remain starved and neglected.

Let’s make this Eīd great for everyone!

Let’s celebrate this occasion with those who are waiting for someone to come & let them know the meaning of this occasion. Lets celebrate this EID with the people who deserve the very same happiness as the elite genre of the society but cannot afford that.

The Paper Plane Foundation would be visiting slums on the day of Eīd, to distribute food to the underserved, In Shā’Allāh.

Our Target is 150+ families, which is approximately 600+ individuals, In Shā’Allāh.

Donate generously and support the cause.

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18th June 2018
Dear Supporters,


At paper Plane, we didn't want to celebrate Eid without caring for our brothers and sisters who don't even have the basic necessities to make this day a different day.

Hence, we decided to reach out to them so that they can experience Eid just like everybody else and enjoy a day meant for them ― because, somewhere among those poor children are our children, somewhere among those mothers are our mothers, somewhere among those widowed wives are our sisters, among those sick, old are our brothers, and between one of those jhuggis is our home, because we are one big family.

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Paper Plane Foundation would like to thank you for your generous and continuous support. This would not have happened without your love and support. Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Paper Plane Foundation is more than being just a not for profit organization. We are a group of individuals from across the country ― dedicated to serving the downtrodden, needy and the underprivileged rebuild their lives and reach their full potential.

Thank you for the wonderful support. 
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Happy Eid kids! God bless you.