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I am fundraising to create 3 digital learning centres for children and woman in 3 villages
of Rs.5,00,000
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    Maha Jiban

    from Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

Why am I fundraising?

This is the story about little Diya and her mother. Diya is a small village girl living 200 kms away from Jalpaiguri city in West Bengal. Her father is a daily wage earner. Mother is a housewife. Diya does not get necessary resources to learn writing and speaking  english, do simple maths, learn about basics of science. One day Diya gets an iPad where some interesting apps helps her about Maths, about solar system, about english. She can play  and learn on her own because this is so easy to do and feels like playing a game.  

Diya's family is too poor to buy all her necessities, give her nutritious food. One day someone teaches Diya's mother how to make dry flowers through a youtube video in iPad. Diya's mother starts making and selling dry flowers. An organisation called MahaJiban helps her throughout the process. Her flower goes to various fairs, sold through Maha Jiban's network. She earns 1500 rupees per month now. Using which she buy nutritious foods for her family. We hope, after 18 years from now, Diya will become a teacher in a school and rise above poverty :)

 This is what we are trying to do for 100 Diyas and their mother in remote tribal villages in North Bengal.

Education: Preschool and Primary school education with animated digital educational content. Like: interactive maths based apps, interactive English learning apps etc.

Employment: Helping rural artisans by teaching handicrafts. They will be directly connected to the customer via internet. They can get order online, understand customer requirement without being physically present.

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What do I plan to do with the funds?

We will rent a place in a village and place digital tabs and a LCD projector. Tabs will be loaded with great educational content like Leos Pad , Human Body (From Apple App Store) and Maths based educational games from Android Google Play Store etc.

We are planning to buy 6 iPad mini, 6 Android tab, 3 LCD projectors, 3 fast internet plans every month.
 Additional cost will be renting a place, electricity charge, and hiring someone to run a centre.
 So effectively every centre will get 2 ipad mini, 2 android tab, 1 LCD projector, 1 3G internet plan/broadband connection.

6 iPad mini (20 K each)120000
6 Android tab (10 K each)60000
3 LCD Projectors (20 K each)60000
3 internet connection for 12 months (1  K per centre , per month)36000
Rent for 3 centers for 12 months (1 K per centre , per month)36000
Salary of 3 instructor for 1 year (50 K for 1 instructor , monthly)150000

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We have already working on this initiative for last 3 years. Please find video links in FAQ section


Will internet connection be available in remote village?

Connection may be slow in some places. But most of the contents will be available offline. So will not be a problem.

Can I directly talk to the kids and teach them?
Yes. We will provide you skype id . Through that you can teach.

Why use iPad? Aren't those costly? Can't you use android tab instead ? 

In apple app store there are some wonderful apps specially designed for pre-schoolers. Some of them are designed by Stanford University learning research scientists. These will be advertisement free, runs offline. Android tabs do not have replacement for these apps. Here are few of them: Leo's pad, Human Body by Tinybop, How to generate electricity etc.

Tell the details about Maha Jiban.
Maha Jiban is a Not for Profit Organisation who works to save young people who are vulnerable to trafficking by creating jobs for them. We teach them handicrafts at their own place and help them to find a market where they can sell their products. We hire an experienced crafts man (e.g. A man who is good at bamboo based handicrafts) and land up in their slum / village.Provide them all necessary raw materials and help them to learn the art, after they learn we try to bring orders for them and encourage them to sell locally. We give them all initial set up for selling and raw materials. we were shocked by reading an article in Times Of India
After that we started working on this issue.

The work was also published in Times of India and Ei Samay (link 1:­plays­saviour­to­tea­gardenchildren/articleshow/19487041.cms)

(Link 2:

(Link 3:­on­maha­jeevan­voluntary­agencycreated­by­subhadeep­mukherjee­and­his­friends/articleshow/48169995.cms

(Link 4:

Who are benefited?
Young people mainly women. Most of them are tribal people.

How will it help them?
They will get a good job (Safe and Creative) and earn without living their home. Many have fallen prey to agents who have trafficked them to cities like Delhi and have gone missing. This is because their parents can not feed them. They have no work here. Therefore, if the children get some monetary benefits out of this project, they won't fall easily to traffickers. These are some videos where they are telling how they are being beniftted:

1)How "Jiban" is helping Asish Minj after he had and accident and had to leave his job (Switch on English subtitle if you face any issue in understanding the language)

2)How "Jiban" is helping Sarita Oraon to continue her Masters of Arts

How "Jiban" is helping Shibani Oraon who has appeared for +2 examination

4)How "Jiban" is helping Lalita Oraon , a college student

5) How "Jiban" is helping Asari Oraon who didn't go to school

6) Preschool Education through Leo's Pad educational app:

7) Learning Maths through android app:

How to Contact Mahajiban?

Ph: +91-983-07-08-983

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