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Help this smile left alone in the world

This is Madhav, a 4 years old, near orphan kid that needs your support. He has moved in my neighbour's house about 3 month ago and is loved by the whole neighbourhood. He lives with his maternal grandmother who tries to take care of him, send him to school everyday and taking him to the park every evening to play with other kids.The reason I mentioned to him as a near orphan is because his father died last year in a car accident .This happened in September 2015 and then, Madhav and his mother were left in this world to survive.
They lived in Madhav's paternal grandparent's house for 3 months and during such a difficult time, his mother did not give it a second thought and got married in January 2016. No one opposed as they thought it was a step towards Madhav's future, but it turned out to be something completely different. Madhav lived with his mother and step-father for about 7 months and afterwards, in August 2016, his mother left Madhav with his maternal grandmother Kalawanti, an old lady that has lived in my neighbourhood for more than 10 years. After leaving him there, she left the country and is now living in Gurgaon with her husband. Since then, Madhav has been living with his grandmother , who tries to fulfill all the needs of the young kid, and has never heard from Madhav's mother ever since. Currently, her only source of income is the maid work she does in 3 houses.
 Madhav is very much loved by the whole neighbourhood and receives all the support the people can give, be giving him lunch and dinner whenever he visits their homes.
We all can agree that this is not the lifestyle his father would have dreamed of giving him, can't we? He deserves to study in a good school and get good standard of study along with new clothes and a stable lifestyle. For this little kid, we all can open our hearts and come together to help. We all can join hands and provide the basic amenities every kid requires.
I hope to receive a positive response from you all and would like to say one last thing, lets suppose that a 100 people donate 500 rupees, that could mean a lot to Madhav. Even a share you do can prove to be a great help for him.

How am I going to use these funds?

There are a few ways in which these funds can be utilized, like for his a good school has fee somewhere around 15000 annually; other than that, all the little expenses of a kid can account for a lot more like clothes,medicines other stuff; even his grandmother serves in 3 houses and gets paid a total of 900 rupees monthly, which are not sufficient for them both so I want to gather these funds and give them to his grandmother as she is the one who can better decide where and how these funds should be used. She may get a fixed deposit registered on Madhav's name or can just save that money for his future.

So I hope to receive your help and support for this young and innocent boy as he needs it the most right now.
In case you need any more information, you can contact me on this email address that is .
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3rd December 2016
A Huge Thanks to all of you!
I would like to Thank all of you amazing people who have contributed towards the completion of the goal of this campaign. You have once again proven that humanity still exists and will continue to come forward for those in need. I have reached my campaign goal and I am initiating a withdrawal today. As soon as I get the amount, I will give that to Madhav's Grandma and it is sure to put a smile on her face and on Madhav's as well. Thank you all again!

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