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Electric Loop Car
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About Electric Loop car-
In today's world technology products are working at limited stored power means at a certain point it needs to be recharge or needs to be refuel but our technology is based on continuous working concept without any interruption.We are working on an Electric car project  under the HEM (Hindustan Electric Motors) initiative name Loop car and it has very unique features of electric charging. This car will not need to be recharge all the time.For Example today all the electric cars in the world have to recharge at a certain time or at a certain distance all has limited power efficiency, but our Loop car has no limits.Currently we are working on Sedan and nano type models but in future we will introduce this technology in SUV'S , Supercars and Hypercars as well.

                              ABOUT MY INITIATIVE (Hindustan Electric Motors)
 It's a startup.It is in building process. I could start this idea in any metro city but i choose my village. Everybody is running towards the cities if it will happen like this then who will think about these beautiful villages and people.India can not be emerge as a superpower unless and until Indian villages will not emerge.Under this initiative i have planned a startup name HEM (Hindustan Electric Motors). As we can understand the concept of this startup by its name.

India may ditch petrol and diesel completely by 2030 and have an all-electric car fleet. While the idea in current scenario seems a bit far fetched - considering only a handful of cars are electric and cost to buy and cost of ownership are not too inviting, India may soon give bigger incentives to automakers and buyers to go the electric way. Recent reports have indicated that manufacturers like Hyundai and Nissan may bring in their hybrid and/or electric models to Indian shores in the next few years.But our project is way beyond from conventional hybrid cars.

There are some limitations of the current electric cars today, that means if we get a car out of the house once fully charged, then we have to recharge it after 100-200 or 250 kilometer but our car will not have to be recharged..Electric cars are becoming more mainstream, and you’re likely not alone in wondering whether an electric car is right for you. As the technology supporting electric cars (EVs) and batteries continue to improve, drawbacks such as high cost, limited range, performance issues, long charge time, and a dearth of charging stations are fading away.


We always says this is the first step towards the future development of green technology. With this, we can bring the revolution of electric cars in our country, which we always dream to bring. Isn't? We are just hoping for some help to fulfill this dream.We have design of the Loop car and we also have a small prototype, but to bring it into the process, we have to prepare a big prototype. We started working on it but we need little bit push to complete it.
We have seen a dream about green an clean technology and this is the first step towards the reality.Our mission is to change the entire power generation system and break all the limitations of green and clean energy.We believe, we can contribute something big in our country's development with our innovative and infinite thinking. But without your help it could not be possible.
                                                       ABOUT Campaigner
I always fond of inventing things from childhood, I always used to think I could make some things to help in developing my village and my country, that is why i choose Engineering and i loved it. During engineering days our education system tried hard to convince me that only they have the right to shape my future but they failed. My aim and my dreams were clear what i want to do and what i can do. After engineering I went New Delhi and started working boring 10 to 6 jobs. My life were hanging between 10 to 6 , Monday to Saturday oh! god too much torture. And one day i shattered  all the cages and started walking on my dreams path. Riding on the chariot of my dreams i decided to start a initiative(Loopcar) .Believe me first I wanted to name it  Hyperloop but before I did Elon Musk did it, my bad.
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