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I am fundraising to help kids live their dream

Why am I fundraising?

Support our efforts to help realize the dream of  young footballers who aims to create a career in football and represent India on International platform. Your generous donations to help realize their dream!

“Football caught my interest when I saw boys in school qualifying semi-finals in Just For Kicks Tournament last year. For many girls, even for those in sports, it is a strange idea as one associates the game only with boys. I want to change this and create a shining future for women in sports”. This is 13-year-old Femida, coming from a slum in Govandi, sharing her thoughts, as she gets prepared to be a part of the School Football Championship 2015 - 16.
Like her, Likhita, Arif and Ishtiyak and other 16 hardworking, passionate players aim to win SFC 2016-17 next year. It is an official event produced & managed by PSL India Pvt. Ltd. and these young people are Deonar Spartans, part of after-school life skills programme; one of a kind programme aimed at engaging and developing critical life skills through sports amongst young people from vulnerable backgrounds at Deonar Colony Municipal English school No. 1 in Govandi, Mumbai.
All players are currently being trained by passionate football players and we aim for the professional coach for them to prepare for 2017 tournament. 
We invite you to support Femida and her friends and help them realize their dream to represent India at an international forum. The funds raised will help support their training, football gear and registration costs for the tournament in 2017. 

What do I plan to do with the funds?

Cost heads -

Admission in football academy cost                                            - INR  64000
Coach fees for 1 year                                                                      - INR 30000
Football gear                                                                                     - INR 6000

Total Expanse                                                                                    - INR 100000


Contact :

Manisha Joshi - +91 9867 15 2220
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3rd June 2016
Dear Supporters,
I am Ibrahim, a Milaap Open Fellow. I recently went to the Deonar Municipal School where Manisha used to teach as part of her TFI fellowship. I met the young kids who were practicing to participate in the ‘Just for Kicks’ tournament. Seven of the total team of ten kids were present there - Rohit, Shehnawaaz, Mahesh, Ishtiyaar, Arif, Kuwarjeet, and the newly joined goalkeeper, Rahil.
Their passion for this sport needs to be appreciated considering the challenges they have to face.  Arif, the captain of the boys’ team says, “Everyone plays cricket here, and they’re from nearby colonies, so they bully us many times and don’t let us play.” In such situations, they resort to playing on the concrete path inside the school compound, instead of the ground. “When one falls on this ground, the bruises and scrapes are very bad,” says Arif. Even the ground is in poor  condition. The kids themselves removed the big stones from the ground to make it suitable  for playing football. Moreover, the municipality had dumped waste from the neighbouring nalla and it had been lying there for a week now.
Their problems did not end there. Most of the boys’ parents were unsupportive towards their endeavour. “They consider this a waste of time, and believe we should either focus on our studies instead or go work somewhere,” admits Ishtiyaar. The situation is worse for some girls whose parents detest the game, more so, because of the shorts they have to wear to play/participate. The parents want to pull them back from these sports, but the kids are extremely  motivated to not give up  and perform their best.  “Sometimes we’re able to convince them to let us go, but more often than not, we have to lie to play,” Arif admits sheepishly.
The local club they’re training with charges a discounted fee of Rs. 100 per month from the kids to coach them. Besides, there is a Rs. 500 fee for participation in the ‘Just for Kick’s tournament. Since the parents do not support them, mostly, they work odd jobs to support these costs. Like Arif works part-time stitching bags. The funds collected are being used to support the girls’ team, who are not allowed to do such jobs, and to buy football kits for the kids.
Manisha believes that sports are extremely important for physical fitness and sharpness of mind. The values and skillset that get imbibed while practicing sports cannot be taught in classrooms. “I myself never had the opportunity to partake in any kind of sports because of lack of opportunities and infrastructure, and so, realise the value it holds,” admits Manisha. This effort to get the kids involved in football has had multifold benefits. The parents of these kids from slums did not pay much attention to their child’s diet and nutritional needs . “I found out that Ishtiyaar just had chai and paav for lunch. Some other kids too had such similar unbalanced diets. I made a rule that if they wanted to play after class, they had to eat their mid-day meals properly and regularly,” says Manisha. This soon turned into a practice and the kids themselves started paying attention to their health. 

Football also helped increase their attendance and concentration in class. The kids who skipped classes unnecessarily during the week were not allowed to attend the practice at weekends.
After being runner-ups in the previous tournament, the boys and girls are all geared up to ace this year’s ‘Just for Kicks’ tournament. “We’ve watched a lot of videos of Messi and Ronaldo and we try to copy them”, says Mahesh. They all want to become professional footballers when they grow up, but, of course, not at the cost of  their education. They are hard-working and determined. We, at  Milaap, wish them all the best for this tournament and their future. 

14th March 2016
Dear supporter,

Thank you so much for your support. Just wanted to let you know that we got featured on DNA news article. You can read about our work here:

Please share our campaign in your network using social media and email. Every support counts towards reaching our goal.

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