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10 year old Anand squints at his book, struggling to see what's written in it. The dying light of the evening does little to help him in his task. Anand is one of the many children from tribal families who is enrolled at one of Sringeri's residential schools. Like many of his peers, he is the first generation learner in his family. Most of the children at the school are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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When Anand was offered a chance to be educated at no cost, he was ecstatic. He says proudly, “I've always dreamt of studying. I want to study, get good marks, and become a doctor.” Anand is well on his way to realising his dreams. However, there is an obstacle in his way – and in the way of the rest of the children at the school.

The school is located in an area of Sringeri with scarce electricity. The school is surrounded by forests and the weather is always overcast. There is little sunlight in the region and the school is directly affected by the lack of light and electricity. With no electricity, there is no lighting for the children to study in the evenings. They cannot move around freely, as the surrounding area of the school is too dark. Anand says, “I love reading. But because there is no lighting, I can't read as much as I'd like to. We are unable to finish our homework in the evenings as we have no proper source of light.”

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With lack of lighting, the future of these children seems dark. However, Mesha Energy Solutions has come up with an innovative solution to this problem. With 'Light Up the Future' campaign, they plan on providing solar lighting kits to this school, and several others across India, which would put an end to their lighting woes. Harnessing the power of the sun and environmentally friendly, these lighting kits take little time to charge, even in overcast conditions, and provide light for long periods of time. Each lighting kit is fully Made in India and is a first of its kind here. Mesha is a pioneer in the field of solar energy; each lighting kit takes very little to be charged, even at times when there's little to no sunlight, and provides light for a minimum of 4 hours. Each lighting kit is built to last for years to come.

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Mesha has already made the future of a few children's lives brighter by providing around 90 kits in 15 schools. Over 4000 children have benefitted from the lighting kits.

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Mesha plans to bring 'Light Up the Future' to 300+ schools in India. This would mean over 1 lakh children will benfit from the initiative. For this, Mesha and the children at these schools would require YOUR support.

By contributing to this campaign, you can spread light in these children's' lives and help brighten up the future.

Anand can continue what he loves doing best, for hours into the night, uninterrupted – read.

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