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My name is Lebanon Raingam. I'm an orphan who lives in a remote village called Phadang in Manipur, India. I was born on 3rd March 1983.

Since I don't have a father and my mother who is only a cultivator without any physical properties or wealth inherited by my deceased father, I was unable to even finish my Class XII (10+2). So my sister helped me in learning computer basics in Mumbai in 2006. After that, I asked her to again sponsor me for a Hardware and Networking Course at St. Angelo's Computer Institute in Mumbai in 2009 which would run for about 18 months. But again because of financial constraints, I couldn't complete the course as I was unable to pay all the fees.

So, after I got some knowledge of Computer Hardware and Networking, I tried my best to find a job on the internet as I was unable to find any suitable job in Mumbai because of my qualification and experience. But nothing worked out because I was still needed to learn a lot of things.

After doing a lot of research and studies on the internet, I learnt more about Computer Hardware and Networking and was more confident in troubleshooting and fixing computer hardware and networking issues.

That time, I came to learn about a website "FixYa" that pays experts for answering questions on their website. So, I signed up with them and started answering questions posted by visitors. Since they only pay to Premium Experts, I didn't get paid for about 4 months, but I tried my best to get qualified for Premium Expert status and finally I was. I worked daily on their website using my friend's computer who had internet connection. After working on FixYa for about 8 months as a Premium Expert answering chats and giving solutions to their customers who were having computer related problems, I started earning $$ to help me pay my rent and of course food and could save a little with which I bought my own computer.

Here's my FixYa profile link:
Here's a snapshot of my profile:
Here's the blog post I was once featured by FixYa: FixYa’s Askers Agree – nonontech Rocks!

I thought my dream had come true and I would work with them full time, but unfortunately, they shut down the Premium Expert features from their website. And so again, I was left jobless with little qualification, but luckily with some money I earned from FixYa, I was able to pay down all my fees for Hardware and Networking Course at St Angelo's Computer Institute, Nehru Road, Vakola Bridge, Santacruz-E, Mumbai.

I resumed to attend my class for few months but because the institute had some problem with finding a suitable MSCE and CCNA faculty, my course progress was once again on hold for some time. I waited for some months while looking for jobs on the internet. I called St. Angelo's Vakola Branch several times, but I was only told to wait. One day when I called them, their Landline was no longer working. So I decided to visit their office but they were shut down, there's no longer St. Angelo's Computer Institute, Vokala Branch. I was very disappointed and broke, but I made up myself and started studying Graphic Design myself.

After I learned about the concepts of Graphic Design, Photoshop Basics, etc. I created my first gig on Fiverr. But I wasn't quite successful because I wasn't experienced nor was an expert. I tried my best by studying more on the internet and so I was able to get few sales each month. I tried several gigs like Kindle ebook formatting, smashwords ebook formatting, data entry, typing, etc. but still, it's been very hard to make a living out of fiverr.

Time had come for me to leave Mumbai and go back to my home town Ukhrul. Actually, I was condemned to go back because it was just too hard for me to survive in big cities like Mumbai. I even went for several interviews, like data entry, computer operator, etc. but no one took me in because I was only a matriculate. It's sad, but true that without qualification, finding a job is no longer regardless of how much you have learned or how experienced you are if you don't have money and good educational qualification.

So, in 2011, I left Mumbai for my hometown Ukhrul. Again, here's same situation, no qualification, no job. But I somehow managed to survived doing odd jobs and completing every orders available on Fiverr. Sometimes, I get 5-6 sales in a week on fiverr, but sometimes 1-2 per month. So, it got harder and harder for me without doing odd jobs like helping the carpenters, helping in someone paddy field, etc..

While striving for my survival, I was able to successfully complete several courses on including four diplomas:
  1. Diploma in Social Media Marketing
  2. Diploma in Web Design
  3. Diploma in Multimedia Development
  4. Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship
Here's the snapshot of courses I've Completed/Passed (total 15)

Almost all of these courses I've had completed before 2014, but since I didn't have enough money to buy the certificates, I stopped studying but yes, I've been still learning with them just to gain knowledge.

Recently I came across a job position available for a computer hardware and networking cum graphic designer at a local computer repair and print shop, so when I approached them, I was asked to submit all my certificates. Even if I have a couple of Diploma Certificates, they could give me the job as they already know my skill set. But again, I don't have any certificates with me, so as my last option, I came here to start this campaign to help me buy my certificates from Alison.

Three days ago, I emailed Alison Support and ask them if there's any discount for poor fellow like me to get certificates of courses I've completed and one support executive said that they can give me 75% discount if I buy at least 10 parchment within 30 days. He asked me to email him back with details of at least 10 certificates and so I did. I attach a screenshot of his email below:

Today, I received another email from him with the invoice, screenshot below, you can also see the actual price of each certificate:
Hello Lebanon,
Thank you for your reply.
The below will be your total price, however this is only valid if you purchase the 10 parchments:

Paper ParchmentNotesPrice (Euro)
Diploma in Social Media Marketing 67.00
Diploma in Web Design 67.00
Diploma in Multimedia Development 67.00
Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship 67.00
Graphic Design - Visual and Graphic Design 27.00
Customer Service Training 27.00
Adobe Photoshop 27.00
Design - Applying Design Principles 27.00
Adobe After Effects 27.00
Touch Typing Training 27.00
 Less Discount (75%)- 322.50
 Plus Shipping+ 15.00

The total money I need to get my certificates while the offer is valid is 122.50 Euro which is equivalent to 9324 Indian Rupees as per today's exchange rate.

So, I request everyone to please help me raise about Rs. 11,000 (about $172 including Milaap's 5% fee and tax) in about 25 days so that I can get these certificates and get a proper job. Even $2 will definitely help me.

Moreover, I'm also planning to give free computer basic training to local unemployed youths in our town, but because of financial constraints, I'm unable to do anything right now. But if I get these certificates, I'll be definitely able to do something for the welfare of the my community and as a whole for the mankind.

Since our area is occupied by only minorities (tribals), we are neglected by the government (maybe not by the Govt. but by the corrupt politicians), our roads, our infrastructure, our youths, markets, businesses, just everything is a mess. You'll see how our road condition is if you google "roads in ukhrul". Because of all these problems, there are many unemployed youths, both graduates and undergraduates.

Even many high degree holders can't get a job, mainly in the Govt offices/departments because of bribery. For example, to get a Govt job as a Sweeper, we'll need to give about Rs. 300,000 to the officers. But if there's someone else who pays the officer more than Rs. 300,000, the one who pays Rs. 300,000 will never get the job. This is why, even if the literacy rate of our district is 81.87%, only those who have enough money to bride get the jobs, the rest are left doing nothing which led to taking Drugs, Stealing, Street fighting, Burglary, etc..

So, help save few youths, what I can do is teach them how to use computer, what can be done with computer, etc.. and help them find jobs at small private offices, or help them start their small business in the town.

I promise in the name of God that I'll not misuse every penny besides getting my certificates.

I'll keep you all updated here with every progress.
Thank you all in advance for your support.

*I'm sorry for my bad English, but this is how I can explain about me and this project. But I hope you all can understand.

Your's poor friend,
Lebanon Raingam
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2nd December 2017
Hello everyone. Finally, I've received all the certificates. I once again would like to say a big "Thank You" to all the donors who helped me get these certificates. I'm indeed indebted to all of you. God Bless you all.

4th November 2017
Hello everyone,

Hope you are going great. I'm really excited to update you all that the package has arrived Kolkata and is on hold since it needs to be presented to the Custom Officer. Hopefully, this will not take time. Screenshot attached:

If anyone wants to track the package with me, please use this tracking ID: RX970007654DE and track on India Post website (

Thank you, one and all.

Lebanon Raingam
11th October 2017
Hi All,
I wanted to update you all that I borrowed the required amount from someone since my campaign couldn't reach the goal in time and so I've extended the campaign duration. The payment has been made to Alison for my certificates a few days ago and has been processed. I'm really excited to share you all that my certificates have been dispatched and the package is on the way. Here's the screenshot of the confirmation email from

As soon as I can start tracking the package, I'll update you again so that we all can see the status of the package together.

Once again, thank you all and God bless.

Kind Regards,
Lebanon Raingam
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