Farmers Have Only 1 Week Left To Save Baby With Multiple Heart Defects

“They said his heart has four defects and his body has only unclean blood. The doctor told us to bring him for surgery immediately or anything can happen.” – Ganga Prasad, baby's father

Lakshmi and Ganga's baby was born on May 21. Unfortunately, the baby has multiple complex defects in his heart and blood vessels. Only impure, de-oxygenated blood is circulated in his body and at any moment he could suffer heart failure or irreversible damage to his lungs. His parents were given a month's time to arrange for a corrective surgery and they have only a week left now.

The parents awaited their baby's birth with a heavy heart

For farmers Lakshmi and Ganga, their children are their biggest happiness. But from Lakshmi's eighth month of pregnancy, there has been a shadow on their anticipation. The check-up showed that their unborn child's heartbeat was beating irregularly – an indication of heart disease. 

“When his mother first looked at his face she started crying. We knew that he had many defects in his heart. But no matter how difficult, he still breathes. He holds our finger tight, he cries and drinks milk. She knows he is trying to survive, even when the odds are stacked heavily against him” – Ganga Prasad

The parents have not rested a day since the baby was born

As soon as their baby was born in the village maternity hospital, the baby was taken to a scanning centre in the nearest town. In the first 12 days of his life, the baby went from Kadapa to Tirupati, Nellore and then Chennai for the right treatment. It is in Chennai that his condition was properly identified and a surgery recommended.

Despite doing everything they could – their baby can have heart failure any time

The baby has complex, multiple heart defects in his heart and blood vessels connecting the heart. His heart is not pumping clean blood into his body. His skin turns blue and his small body keeps gasping to keep breathing. The breathing difficulty will hurt and damage his lungs. To live, he needs a surgery within a month – it is as long as his body can survive with deficient blood. The defects in his blood vessels put him at a risk of heart failure.

“The days I work, I earn Rs 200. In a month, I don't earn more than Rs 5,000-6,000. When they said I had to arrange for Rs 4 lakhs, the first two days we felt like we should just give up and go home. But we know that we, his parents have to try to save him. The rest is up to God.” – Ganga Prasad

How you can help

Lakshmi and Ganga are farmers in Rampuram village, Andhra Pradesh. They are the villagers who will take any work to earn some money to feed their children. They don't want to give up on their child's health, but they may not have a choice if they can't arrange for funds.

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Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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18th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you everyone for your love and support. We couldn't have come this far if we didn't have you by our side.

The baby is now doing well and is on medication. The doctors have decided to schedule the surgery for next month (August'18). We are all hopeful about the baby's recovery. We shall keep you posted on further developments.

Thank you once again!

26th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Baby of Lakshmi is doing well than before, his health is better. Doctors have suggested that the operation needs to be done within 4 weeks, now the baby is at home and parents have been called upon by the doctors to visit the hospital after a week.

We shall keep you all posted, thank you so much for your support and love.

Thank you,
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