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I am participating in Daan Utsav to help build toilets in rural India


In rural areas in India, apart from a lack of access to safe sanitation, there is ignorance about the need as well. GUARDIAN has been conducting sanitation workshops which drive home the importance of hygiene and safety. The one-time payment (labor + materials) makes toilet construction cost-prohibitive for most families. GUARDIAN also steps in to lift the financial restriction, allowing families to build a toilet with a loan that they repay in manageable monthly installments. Thanks to this, for thousands of women like Laxmi, a toilet at home is a reality now.

Who we are helping

Aayshaben Yunusbhai Lakhva
Sonalben Yogeshkumar Bar
Farjana Mustufabhai Sandhi
Taslimben Ismailbhai Varaiya
Nirmalaben Premjibhai Rathod
Gitaben Sagarbhai Zinzuvadiya
Kantaben Rameshbhai Somani
Paluben Babubhai Harijan
Padmini Ramasamy
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